Nebula Capsule II Portable Deal for $379.99 (

Nebula Capsule II Portable 720p Smart Projector Deal for $379.99




Great deal but definitely need a much bigger discount lol

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Awesome deal! :ok_hand:
but still very expensive for me​:confused::confused::confused:

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I jumped on this deal, but even at this price I am really regretting it. The Capsule 2 that I received from Woot seems to have a lot of issues. The Hulu app isn’t usable. Video freezes every 3-5 seconds. I cannot even side load Netflix through the Nebula Manager program. Chromecast works 50% of the time. Same as autofocus. The remote will never turn on the device, only turn off. Some apps refuse to load, others crash.

This was supposed to be a new projector, but this is probably the worst product I have ever spent nearly $400 on.

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I myself have the Nebula Capsule (original) and have tried Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, plus the Plex App, these work perfectly without any issues. Had some other issues, and got great support from Nebula to get it rectified.

Regret to hear your experience. Have you reached out to Nebula Support and mentioned the issue. Keep your purchase proof handy.

I’ve been working with Anker support and Woot. Woot sent me a replacement and I am not having the same issues on the replacement. It came down to a firmware version on the device I believe. Even though the original said no updates were available, it shipped with firmware version 9.5.8. The new one shipped with version 9.5.13 and there was an immediate update available for it. The new one did not have the same issues with Hulu video, sound, remote, etc. Anker was also very inquisitive about my issue and genuinely wanted to find the solution.

Interestingly the internal packaging on the original I received was much nicer (black internal packaging with gold lettering, etc). The second one just had every component in plain white boxes. All the phrasing, etc was moved to postcards in an envelope. Must have been a cost cutting change. Nonetheless, the second Capsule 2 works as expected. Anker even sent me a tripod for my troubles.

That was nice of them :+1:

That’s nice of Anker :+1:t2: , Thanks for sharing your experience!

Wow, that was $200 discount and comes with dependable Anker customer support who sends out accessories for your troubles :+1: