Nebula Capsule II - connecting Windows 10 pc through HDMI

I have only one requirement for my Nebula Capsule II - I want to use it as a secondary display screen (projection) from my laptop via HDMI connection.

At moment my pc does not recognise the nebula is connected, therefore will not transmit to a screen that isn’t there, at the same time my nebula cannot find an incoming signal on the HDMI connection.

Please suggest how I can force connect the two devices for the desired intent above - I have no other use for the nebula other than a paper weight.

I use my nebula capsule max mirroring my laptop screen almost daily, I reccomend you try a different HDMI cable as they are not all made the same and can cause issues


@jvcoffey Seconding @Tank most time things don’t work it’s either a cable issue or driver related.

Have you tried the outputting your laptop to a TV etc using the cable to help with troubleshooting whether the issue is cable related or down to perhaps a system driver?

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@jvcoffey to isolate few things,

Have you tested your Nebula Capsule II connecting with HDMI from devices other than PC, example: Chromecast, Fire TV?

Have you tested connecting your Laptop via HDMI to any other display, may be a TV, and does it work?

I have Windows 10 and it is pretty solid on connection to Nebula Capsule, have tested it / connected multiple times without issues.

Also changing / using a different HDMI cable might help.

Please do reach out to to get this verified, they will provide more details on this issue, Do mention the troubleshooting steps you have performed.