Nebula Capsule II Blue Light of Death

Hey everyone. I figured this might be the best place to post as I can’t find an answer ANYWHERE else.

Has anyone experienced the blue-light-of-death with their Nebula Capsule II? Is this the end for my trusty portable projector?

A bit of background: I was about to watch a movie via HDMI from my laptop. I had everything set up and the Capsule was projecting fine. I left the room before the film started and when I returned the Capsule had switched off. I tried to turn it on again as I thought it had entered standby mode. However, the fans didn’t start to whirr, and the power button stayed a solid blue. The unit failed to power up. It stayed like this until the battery ran down.

I’m just charging it again, now, but I’m not holding out much hope. Anyone know what the problem is?

Did you press and hold the power button 2 seconds to turn off?

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Please reach out to Nebula Support with this query - they may have a response on it.

Also how long since you bought / have the Capsule II, may still be covered under warranty.

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Hopefully it can be replaced under warranty

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I did - I wasn’t using the remote to turn it on, only the Capsule II power button :frowning:

I got the Blue Light of Death 2 weeks after the one year warranty. It is now $700 paper weight. Support did nothing but give me the run around for 3 weeks and finally said it was hardware related and so sad but too bad, buy another one for 20% off. I have the Max Capsule which cannot be takin apart. This video shows that a capsule was built with a wiring defect that come loss after awhile :

Until I die will tell everyone to not buy this projector. Note: the MAX CANNOT be taken apart and IS UNSERVICABLE, not like the original capsule in video. Kiss your money good buy.