Nebula Capsule II Android TV Projector Review and some Gen1

I found this. On Anker show that are still in pre-order but I guess that Anker offers some kind of kickstart deals.

I hope you guys enjoy


Nice find :smile:

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thanks for sharing!

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Good find dude! That’s the first Nebula projector I’ve seen in action. Most of them are way out of budget as of now though

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Thanks for sharing the review!

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Small, powerful and portable

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I love that this guy has all kinds of ancient tech in the background. He must be an old friend of @Chiquinho !

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I like the idea of these projectors, unfortunately they are still just too dim. Thanks for the review!

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  • Lon’s videos are good quality and this is a good quality review
  • Anker makes good value, good quality products, this one is a good example


  • the technology in my view at this time is not good value. TV flatscreen and a Chromecast or similar smart gadgets can offer more pixels and more light for less cost.
  • For collective viewing, a big screen TV is brighter, more pixels and works in a room where you can’t stump your toe in the dark.
  • For individual viewing, a big screen Chromebook is brighter, more pixels and doesn’t need a large light coloured surface in a dark room.
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Yeah 100 lumens doesn’t really do the trick unless you’re in a very dark room.

Funny you say that. Last Friday I went out to a BWW and they had an NBA game on a projector and we were trying to watch it but it was a bit dark. It needed to be brighter for us to watch it and enjoy it. They should work on making the image brighter

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This hits the nail on the head. I build classrooms and this is a contant questiom for us… should we put in a $2000 projector or a $1000 televison? Its been tilting toward the latter lately but we project onto whiteboard surfaces, which adds another layer of functionality to the projectuon the tvs dont have yet.

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This will get better over time, but with current technology the issue is one of size and noise. The smaller item the more the heat either has to be reduced by a less bright LED or make the projector bigger and add a fan, and then you basically need the speakers not part of the setup so they don’t compete with the fan noise.

Currently Anker wants $349 for this. Currently not particularly bargain hunting just a random search I see you can get a 55" 4K 2160p smart TV for that same cost, which doesn’t need you huddled close together in a dark room.

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Yea I think what you end up paying for a nice projector you can put it towards a nice tv and still come out better

Wooah there. Your links are to the Capsule “I” not the II, the original was the size of a can of coke, the II is larger. You can also tell by the dates. Suggest you revise your post so none after get bad info.


Well on my post I do quote that this last reviews are for First Gen, I just thought it will be cool for people to see how they have improved from one generation to another.

I heard that Anker has a problem with Netflix. Is this still the case?

I highly recommend changing your post as you are linking to Gen 1 items in a Gen 2 thread. Google will search this and cause people to buy the Gen 1 on a Gen 2 spec sheet.

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When I started my humble attempts to program ALGOL60 I used that" computer!"
That’s true!
Was in 1972!

Find it by searching PERM TUM.