Nebula Capsule HUGE Amazon Saving

Get 99p off this capsule, rush before they all go :rofl:
I shared this;
1, because 99p off made me laugh.
B, because it’s (from what i can see) the only Anker product that’s offered in 5 monthly instalments.
£69.80pm certainly makes this a proposition for those that have been tempted but don’t have £349 available to buy outright.


That’s a great discount :rofl::rofl:

Instalments is a good idea for such prices… but still 99p is a good one :joy:

I always appreciate a good discount😂

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Made me laugh.
Instalments have been available on Amazon for a while but never on Anker stuff.

With savings like that I might buy 2 :joy:

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Monthly payments seem more doable lol

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One for each room :joy:

I saw some video on youtube… this is great, unfrotunally too expensive for myself.