Nebula Capsule Home Screen

I just got my Nebula Capsule and I absolutely love it! I just cannot figure out how to remove items from the home screen. YouTube is there along with Amazon. The apps are not installed, so I’d like to be able to remove the icons. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

If the icons are there, it’s because they are installed, either pre shipping or by the end user. You should be able to see them from the App Manager icon, select the app such as YouTube, then use the uninstall option.

Thank you, but these apps are not actually installed. They don’t show up in the App Manager list, and if I click on one, it takes me to the store to download it. It looks like they were put there as default placeholders assuming I would want to install them and use them.

@GhostITMG Please kindly note that these APPs are not able to remove.

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See what you mean, tested on a friends and they remain as per @AnkerSupport post. Placeholder icons to give an idea I guess…

can you install it and then uninstall it?

Tried that as a test, icon still remains and prompts for an install when selected…perhaps they might allow in a future firmware release…

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Thank you for the information. That’s a shame that is the case. But it is what it is.

Thanks Ndalby. I appreciate your efforts on this!