Nebula Capsule HDMI No Signal

I have my Nebula Capsule connected to a Lenovo ThinkPad w/ Windows 10 and while it used to work perfectly via HDMI, it now says “HDMI No Signal”

The extent of my troubleshooting knowledge is “reboot” and that didn’t work.

I cant figure out how to get it going again.


Given it’s Windows 10, I would think most likely a Windows or hardware update has been applied which is causing the issue. A couple of things you could try to start with;

  • Try another HDMI cable, to rule out a cable fault
  • Press win+p and make sure that duplicate is selected
  • Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI lead to allow Windows to re-detect the HDMI connection (if you normally leave it connected 24/7)

I would also try connecting the laptop to a television via HDMI to see if it is outputting video. Others have also reported not being able to fully plug in the HDMI cable with the nebula prizm or maybe it was the mars🤔 Those people resolved the problem by using the HDMI extender that comes with a Chromecast if you have one, it has a longer HDMI plug that makes any sense.

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Looking at this forum post, you may have to press FN + the F7 key to have the laptop output via HDMI at a hardware level.


thanks for all the replies, but yes it actually was the cable. it worked 2 days prior but just crapped out all of a sudden… all good. thanks yall

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Glad to hear your up and running again :ok_hand:

I guess you can mark it as solved :+1:

I think the answers are wrong. I encountered this “HDMI NO SIGNAL” problem and tried with 3 cables which are okay for other devices, but the problem was still there.
I solved the problem in this way:
Step 1, connect Nebula and the computer,
Step 2, turn on Nebula first,
Step 3, then turn on the computer.

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