Nebula Capsule Flash Sales | Only $99 each! Limited to 10 lucky buyers!

Hey Anker fans,

If you’ve been eying Capsule but waiting for a discount, then you’re in luck! There’s a flash sale coming and the first 10 people will be able to get Capsule for an unprecedented $99! That’s not all, though. Even if you’re not one of the lucky 10, everyone will get a $50 Amazon discount code.

This is your chance to get Capsule for a huge discount, so don’t miss it!:sunglasses:


  1. The Flash Sale begins at 10:00 a.m. March 29th (PDT).
  2. We will release 10 special offers to get Nebula Capsule for $99. Only one special offer per person.
  3. This event is for the US only. We’ll provide the special offer in the form of an Amazon coupon code.
  4. The special offer includes a 12-month warranty.
  5. Nebula reserves the right of final explanation for this event.
  6. Every subscriber has a chance to buy Capsule for $99 or receive a $50 discount code. We’ll provide the coupon code via email within 24 hours after the sale ends.

@AnkerOfficial why not just highlighted my post from earlier? That or your slacking bad behind since I posted first :yum:


I don’t want to edit your post directly without permission, I always respect originality, so I’ve sent another post instead.:joy:


@AnkerOfficial is there any word of this coming to the U.K. market anytime this year? :slight_smile:

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The Nebula Mars is now available on Amazon UK so I doubt the Capsule would be too far behind, perhaps Sept/Oct at the latest I would think. Hope a similar offer will be made for UK buyers as this one :wink: (hint hint @AnkerOfficial) :laughing:


Very subtle as always Neil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

That’s me, Mr Subtle :laughing:


yes please!

Only coupon code for me was the discount :cry:

Did anyone manage to snatch the $99 deal?!

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Think it will be a random grab over a a day or two…a raffle essentially on the discount

Would have been nice, I was gonna buy it for 99. But sadly I just got the 50 dollars off coupon

50 off coupon here

Same. For under $100 that is a very good price vs the retail price

The capsule will be released in the UK and DE very soon!
The first shipments have been arranged, so stay tuned.:grin:


i didnt even get a coupon :frowning:

Check your spam folder

nope, but maybe because im already on the capsule mailing list with that email addy?

This is all telling me the successor is not too many months off.

Shifting stock.

Typical upgrade options would be:

  • brighter
  • better audio
  • better water resistance

For what it is, relative to Android tablets and lower end Chromebooks, it has to cross the value/benefit/cost curve. Even at $99 given once the successor out you’d likely hardly use the $99 brick.