Nebula Capsule and AirPlay, does not seem to be working

Hi all,
I’ve just gotten a Nebula Capsule, and is messing about with the setup.
So far I’ve been able to connect both the Nebula Capsule and my iPad to the same WiFi.
I’ve installed the Nebula Controller on my iPad, and with Bluetooth enabled on both devices and through the same WiFi everything seems fine.
Only problem, I simply cannot get AirPlay to work…
Going under settings in the Nebula, select screen mirroring, then AirPlay… and afterwards selecting dublicate screen in the control panel of the iPad, it keeps searching for a TV, but the Nebula nevershows up?
Any ideas??

It didn’t work for me either.

Now it does. Try this: I first connected to the same wifi. Then, I opened the new TV app. started playing a downloaded movie. Tried air playing it which started an attempt to connect the nebula and MacBook Pro. That attempt failed . After that the airplay logo appeared on the menu bar. ( upper right corner ) . After that the Nebula was there as an option ( Called “ATV_100” ) . I selected it and it started working.

I turned the computer off to see if it works again, and it did. Good Luck.

isn’t it laggy? I’ve nebula capsule 2 and it’s not usable with 1 second lag and missing frames :confused:

Same, lags and latencies, with the mars 2… useless for videos

My Capsule and AirScreen casting work perfectly!!!

I would suggest members to try AirScreen instead using Airplay. Hope you have already contacted Nebula Support to get the Google Play store to install Airscreen