Nebula Capsule 2 Power and Battery Questions

I’m driving across Europe in a campervan in April, Italy to Britain and have 2 sets of twins and we love to have “movie nights” on the side of the van. We did similar last August and I had a cheap not so great portable projector, but have splashed out on the capsule, so far very happy but have a few questions and seeking some advice, please.

  • Can anyone recommend a battery pack that will work with this? (I ask as I’ve a few power banks but none seem to give it enough power) and on boot get a warning to say use the supplied adapter… I’m assuming I need a USB C battery pack but it must also say PD so a USB-C PD battery??? I’m hoping to get a few extra hours out of it, so I can charge it and the battery whilst driving and then have 5 to 6 hours of movie time at night? - Amazon link would be helpful so I know the correct one to buy.

  • How do you actually see the battery level whilst its charging? I just see a battery with a lightning bolt, but not actually how charged it is?

Many thanks