Nebula Capsule 2 Not Charging


Please help.

My Nebula Capsule 2 isn’t charging even if i’m using the original charger included in the package.

Is there any way to reboot it or something?

Is there another cable available?
Take a look, if the socket and plug is really clean.


Try a different outlet and make sure there is no any debris in the charger or port

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If you are using the original charger, and the red light does not appear on the power button when the cable is plugged in, it means that the charging socket has been damaged, usually the port comes away from the sub-pcb board meaning the connection is broken. The same thing happened to mine so I contacted Anker and it was not covered in their warranty, so then I found a place searching on google called advanced repair and they repaired it and it was back with me within a few days!