Nebula Capsule 2 color calibration issues


I have a Nebula Capsule 2 for 2 weeks now. So far everything is as good as expected.
But last night I was watching the Mandalorian on Disney + and the color keep changing as if the projector was trying to recalibrate the color every second.
At first I was on image mode “Auto” during a scene in front of a fire the color keep changing and it was really disturbing. Changing to “Standard mode” almost made it better but I still have issues with the subtitle.
They keep flickering between grey and white as if the projector is trying to calibrate the color base on the obscurity of the current scene.
Is there a way to calibrate the color or maybe stop the projector for trying to calibrate?


Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this case to our attention.

This is the first time we heard such issue. May I know if this only happens with the Disney+ app or all the apps? Please uninstall Disney+ and try again. If it remains the same, please contact us at with a short video, Capsule II firmware version (settings>device preferences>about>firmware version) as well as Disney+ app version so that we could verify and assist further.

Thank you!

Anker Support Team