Nebula Astro Video Review

Hey everyone, here’s my review of the Nebula Astro pocket projector. If you’d like to see my video review, you can find that HERE

The first thing that caught my attention for this product was the packaging. It was clean, sleek, and very much reminded me of the attention to detail that would be seen in an Apple product.

Seeing the foam padding that surrounded the projector was a great move, can’t be too careful!

The size of the projector is exactly what I’d expect for something like this that is made to be mobile. It’s somewhere in between the size of a baseball and the size of a softball. Easy enough to carry in the palm of your hand, or throw in your backpack. One thing I did notice that surprised me though, considering this is meant to be portable, I was a little baffled that this didn’t have any kind of sliding cover to protect the lens. Or, the inclusion of a felt-type bag would also help give it just that little extra bit of protection.

Being able to connect something physical via HDMI or stream via WiFi helps to make this projector quite versatile for in-home or on the go use. The USB-C charging port let me go from 0% to almost completely full in around an hour.

We recently went camping so obviously I had to take this with us to try it all out. I was able to very easily connect the projector to my phone’s WiFi hotspot and streamed everything without a single wire in sight. This was such a great idea. My family loved it and the kids were enthralled. I would’ve taken pictures to include here, but I forgot my actual projector screen at home so we used a white shower curtain that was too wrinkled to show on here. But it worked out quite well! The only thing to note is that while the speakers are sufficient indoors, when outside it would probably be best to use a Bluetooth speaker to give you that little extra bit of volume you lose in an open area.

Some of the great features I really liked about this projector include:

  1. Able to be operated completely wirelessly.
  2. Included app store with all the recognizable names (Netflix, Hulu, etc) and plenty of obscure ones.
  3. Super compact and easily transportable.
  4. The included eye protection which stops the light source if something gets in front of it.
  5. Fast response time from the Android based operating system.

Please check out my video review above to see this projector in action and to see it compared (quite unfairly) to my in-home Optoma projector.

It’s just so easy to recommend this projector for anyone interested in a portable, easy to use, kid-friendly device. Like I said, this isn’t made to be your at home day-to-day projector, this is for those on the go who want to get outside or just have a unique experience that really sets things apart from the daily grind. Anker did a tremendous job engineering a beautiful product that just works right out of the box.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!


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