Nebula Astro Review

One word is all I need… (I will write more, but for now) - WOW.

Firstly here is a short review posted on YouTube - for more info continue reading!


The Nebula Astro arrived while I was on holiday which was the most frustrating part of the whole thing as I wanted to get home and play with it.

Finally I got my hands on the Nebula and so I began the unboxing…you know that feeling when you are slightly in awe of product even as you start to undo the packaging? Yeah that.

This product is beautiful in every aspect. The packaging is gorgeous with colours and textures making it feel premium before you even get to the Nebula. It’s well packaged, to prevent damage and is organised with all the pieces and components well packed. Even the boxes are tactile and have a high end feel.

And then it comes to the camera itself - it really is compact projector and can easily be held in the palm of one hand, and boy is it gorgeous.

Once you power up, there is even a smart animation that really goes to show the level of detail that has been put into this product.

Then you can play. It comes pre-installed with Android OS which gives you access to loads of apps including YouTube, Prime, Netflix etc. - And it is so easy to install - Click on the app - click on install.
There are a couple of apps that don’t work with the remote control provided so you HAVE to download the companion app from the App stores if you want to operate the projector from you phone. But that is in no way an issue and the app is totally intuitive and easy to use.

You can control the Nebula completely from the app, entering text, moving the mouse (you can toggle between a mouse icon or just movement around the screen) You can also click the keyboard Icon to enter text for when you are logging into your apps.

The interface is clean and simple and I was set up in just a couple of minutes.
I could not wait to see it in action - I was wary that the picture would not be dazzling or it would not be that crisp. How wrong was I…The quality of the image is insane and works excellently in any environment (obviously the darker the better). However, I was testing it in the day time and I could see the images perfectly well and was impressive. There are 3 settings to change the brightness and these impact the battery life, so make sure you are set so that you can watch the entire broadcast without battery failing if you have top brightness.

A nice touch is the eye guard tech protection which allows you to set a distance by which if the Nebula senses someone nearby it will shut the projection down to prevent someone looking directly into the lens. With a 2 year old who is fascinated by anything, this is a great addition and works well.

The Nebula has so many connections in such a small body its almost unbelievable - HDMI, USB and of course all the wireless connections - Screen sharing, Air Play and Bluetooth.

One thing I was very impressed with is the sound. Considering it is not much bigger than an Echo dot, the sound is far superior and it really packs a punch. I have yet to hook up my Nebula to a Bluetooth speaker, but to be honest, I can’t see that I will need to for general use.

It’s a total breeze to focus the lens, although its a shame you can’t do this from the app as you have to turn a small wheel on the front. It is very simple to get a crisp image and only takes seconds to find the magic spot where it is sharp.

I can honestly hardly fault this projector. It’s everything I would want from a projector and much more - Lightweight, easy to use, beautiful design and well considered OS. The user experience is a pleasure and even my wife who is not impressed by gadgets like I am, was blown away and couldn’t wait to set it up and get watching. We ventured into the garden on a hot summer night and sat for over an hour watching cartoons with our 2 year old. We were all blown away and loved every minute of it. It’s great not having cables trailing around. The Nebula also has a universal screw attachment on the base and was easily positioned on my tripod. It is so lightweight that it is perfectly balanced and safe.

I would whole heartedly recommend this projector. It is a great piece of kit and I am certain I and my family will have hours of big screen entertainment now using the Nebula. Well done Anker.


@sgrantdj Great review, I like the way you setup Astro in your garden area, nice pics , looks awesome!

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What a review @sgrantdj :+1: nice photos, setup, overall everything you did was awesome.
Glad you liked the Astro.


Great review there @sgrantdj
Brilliant photos, great to see it in action and the outdoor pics have come out really well :+1:

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really nice review especially the outdoor pictures wow it’s clean


That’s an awesome review! Love the outdoor setting with the kiddo and family. I think buying one is in my future.

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I am late with my review I know, but pensioners can be late!
They are always late. Too late may be. :rofl:


Awesome review!! Great video and photos!! :ok_hand::clap::100:

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Great review and awesome pictures to say the least! Sure sounds like you guys are enjoying it and great to see the testing unit go to a family who would love using it!

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Great job on the video and written review

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Excellent testing review and photos @sgrantdj :+1:

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such a good review!

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Thanks guys - I did a number of reviews in different places - if you are interested in seeing 2 of them please click below -

Instagram Feed


Plus the YouTube Video which did not seem to embed in the main text - (Is it possible embed a video in the forum?)

I did try to write different reviews for different audiences so feel free to have a read.

Catch me on Instagram if you want to connect - @stuartgrantuk

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To embed the video, have it alone in a line. Basically remove the “OR”

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Interesting :sunglasses: i thought linkedIn was more for professional’s social media, never seen these reviews on LinkedIn earlier.

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Nice review and very high quality photos… I’ll check out some of the other sites you posted to shortly.

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Love the pics … pictures are great at showing how it works in different lighting.


Checked out the Instagram and YouTube bits too… well done.

Peppa pig rocks (as does Ben and holly)… great kids shows and subtle humour for the grown ups


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It is most certainly is that, but I felt that the Nebula had way more uses beyond the home and as I do presentations and courses in various venues for business I wanted to share it with the business community as it is such a power and useful piece of kit that is so easy to transport and set up.

Cheers for reading! :slight_smile:

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