Nebula Apollo - So What Is It?

Hi, Nebula fans!

We’ve got a projector out right now called Nebula Apollo. However, not many people know about it!

In fact, we’ve never officially given you guys an in-depth look at Apollo here on the community. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity today to show you the ins and outs of this awesome little projector.

So What is Apollo?

Nebula Apollo is a pocket-sized projector with seamless touch controls. This means that not only are you able to watch Apollo wherever you want, but you can also effortlessly navigate the menus with a simple tap of your finger—even if you’ve left the remote at home.

With its 100-inch image, powerful audio, and Android 7.1 OS, you can set up your own personal cinema instantly, no matter where you are. Out camping in the Rockies? Pop Apollo in your rucksack and enjoy cult classics by starlight.

The possibilities are endless. Who knows? Maybe one day someone will take Apollo to the moon—or even Mars!

Concentrating on the here and now, we’re happy to announce that Apollo is now $80 OFF on Amazon. This amazing offer ends March 15, 2020, so make sure you click here to grab yours now!

Until next time, Nebula fans!


Good discount on Nebula Apollo!

@AnkerOfficial Is Apollo an upgrade for Capsule?

Any major differences ? From feature comparison, found only 3 differences

  1. Capsule was still lighter at 14.8 oz vs 16.6 oz for Apollo

  2. Apollo has 200 ANSI lm vs Capsules 100 ANSI km - this is a big Improvement !!!

  3. Apollo has 6W (270 degree) speaker output Vs Capsule’s 5W (360 degree)

  4. MicroUSB charging for Capsule Vs DCInput with 15V/3A DC adapter, tip size 3.5x1.35mm for Apollo.


More digging found that Apollo has a DC Input for charging with 15V/3A DC adapter, tip size 3.5x1.35mm.

can the apollo be charged with this cable and a 45 w pd power bank like this?

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Not sure if @AnkerOfficial has more info about this?

This may not work, Nebula Apollo requires 15V at 3A provided by the DC Power Adapter(15V/3A DC adapter, tip size 3.5x1.35mm), however the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD 45W only provides 15V at 2A.

You may reach out to Nebula Support to get this verified.

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It’s worse than that.

PD output if it does not see the PD signal, will transmits the default mode which is safe of 5V 2A, so it doesn’t transmit 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V. So the tips cannot be purely a physical plug shape adapter.

You’d need the specific tip to negotiate a 15V PD mode. And then what you said.

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Size specs?

thanks for the info!

Apollo has dimensions are 5.2 × 2.6 × 2.6 in, with a weight of 16.6 oz

Almost compares to Capsule, 2.67in Diameter with 4.72 in height, with 14.9 oz

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Wanted to know if it was really pocket size lol

from dimensions… it is very slightly comparable to Capsule, which is still very much portable, but with better brightness 200 ansi lm, than Capsule.

It is well placed between Capsule and Capsule II, in terms of Price (with the deal) and Brightness… mostly has best of both… Brightness from Capsule II and Price point from Capsule (almost… with the deal now)


Classic size vs brightness trade-off.

For portability you have to give up a lot. Worthwhile?

I was hunting around wondering more I could buy useful for the inevitable self-isolation period. We’re all going to get ill for 2 weeks over a 2-3 month period, so a projector I could loan out with the alcohol wipe between movements. Boredom can be lethal as you can get a bit cabin crazy if stuck in for 2-3 weeks and so distractions like media in your private cave.

But when you remove the portability, you get an awfully lot more projector for your money. I see 1300 lumens (equates to bigger screen further away). At moment I kitted out a set of 14" laptops for the caves.

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Personally, for me, Capsule is still a better preference, since I can charge / keep it alive (supports QC 2.0) and watch movies using the Anker Powercore with MicroUSB

But may be, i can go to Apollo if i have some spare :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: :wink:

I have the Nebula Prizm - this was the first nebula product I bought, but after I got the Capsule, have not opened it since… having to connect a power, pair BT for audio, get a tripod for the base… and more… its like a never ending thing…

With capsule, all this is gone… portability comes in handy.

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This would be a cool thing to have, I just don’t ever see me using it at all. @Shenoy how do you use your nebula products?

So Capsule = simplicity.

Simplicity usually wins.

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Prizm is boxed up and set aside in storage at home for last 3 months now :grin:

Using Capsule 2-3 times a week for Movies , Programs, paired with Flare Mini Stereo Pair Or Rave Mini for audio output.

Don’t have many apps on the Capsule, have kept it very light, use AirScreen to cast (Chromecast) from Plex, Disney, Youtube to Capsule, this works pretty well and smooth.

Capsule also has Airplay support via the AirPin Pro, works well most of the time, but prefer Capsule with Airscreen with Casting… never fails, works 100%

Use the Nebula Connect (on iPhone) as remote for Capsule in Mouse Controller mode.

Brightness is OK when used at Night with total darkness, but not so great if used during the day.

With so many details … May be I should simply write a complete review some day :rofl::rofl:


Do you use it with a screen or just project onto a wall?
Have you tried it outside at all?

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Project to Wall (light beige color) looks good. … always used Indoor,


So you refer to the Prizm deal but you own similar and don’t use it due to complexity of setup?

I used Nebula Prizm for almost 3-4 months and liked it much till the time I got the Capsule. It is good for what it does, and for the price.

There is always an audience for the product who are looking for a budget projector and a good one. I have still kept it as a backup, just in case…

Had I not won the Capsule, might have still been using Prizm (Anker 3rd year anniversary auction)

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