Nebula Apollo cannot "see" Macbook Pro or usb thumb drive

I’m having trouble getting started with my new Nebula Apollo. How do I connect it to a Macbook Pro or a usb thumb drive? Is the Nebula supposed to show as an icon on the MBP desktop? Is the MBP supposed to appear somewhere in the Nebula’s interface?
Macbook Pro running Big Sur 11.2.3
USB thumb drive format MS-DOS (FAT32)

It has HDMI input so if you can make MBP do HDMI output.

Usb is usually just for FAT formatted flash drive.

However the primary purpose of the projector is to WiFi connect then is a device on the network to cast to or remote control. As such most would not be doing what you ask.

I am sure that USB-input will not consider the mac-book.
You can use USB-devices formatted Fat-32, but they should not be too “big”.
I think the projector needs a WIFI connection, without I dont think it will work at all.

You should with laptops which support HDMI out, so laptops with HDMI ports, to simply HDMI-HDMI cable and then projector is an external monitor. With laptops with more complex situations like only USB-C, and a hub with HDMI… may work too.

However, the overriding premise of these types of projectors is you connect them to Wifi and then they stream, not intended to be used directly with laptops.

I dont know which Laptops got that HDMI-port.
Mostly they got a Display port, which is much more usable for business presentations.

Meanwhile the super flat modern ones got no more ports! :joy:

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