Nebula Amazon Deals (US)

This will be the new thread for Nebula Deals from Amazon. It’s a little late tonight so won’t be adding the links to other threads at the bottom right now.

  1. Capsule II - $529.99 (after $50 discount coupon)

  2. Capsule - $279.95 (after $20 discount coupon)

  3. Mars II - $449.99 (after $50 discount coupon)

  4. Mars II Pro - $549.99 (after $30 discount coupon)

  5. Capsule Max - $399.49 ($70.50 discount)

Anker Deals
Roav Deals
Eufy Deals
Soundcore Deals

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Thank you for sharing the deals! :+1::+1:

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Great deals :ok_hand:

New deals just updated here

Updated again with Capsule Max deal

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Deals have been updated

Apollo with $20 discount coupon added to the list

How long is the Mars II discount valid until?

I haven’t updated the deals in a while so I’m not even sure if the deals here are still valid. Gonna update now and will let you know if I see anything

EDIT: Updated the deals and I didn’t find any information regarding the date @jed.winer

New discount on Capsule Max. Capsule listing on Amazon shows there’s a huge discount but the “original” price is not correct

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Great deal on the Wireless Gamepad!


New discount on Mars II Pro

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New deal on Capsule Max


Gamepad (Controller) deal ended. Everything else is as is