Nebula -adjust or zoom projection?

Ok Nebula newbie here so forgive me this is a dumb question - but is there no zoom or adjustment of the picture?

The Mars or Capsule version?

There is a focus option on the Capsule from the brief mess around I had but no zoom from what I recall, image size is more depending on distance. I would imagine the Mars is the same…

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It’s the Capsule.

@Dan.mason Hi, thank you so much for letting us know this issue. I regret to say that Capsule doesn’t support zoom or adjustment of the picture.

If you have further issue, please feel free to email us at We are always here to help.


what bout the Mars, I just got it last nite, Do you know how to adjust the picture size ?

Adjust the picture based on how far you have it from the wall or screen

Can we expect any time soon an add-on gadget or perhaps an app/device upgrade to the nebula mars 2 model that will allow adjustng screen size without moving the projector?

This is also a problem I have. Would be so much better if screen size can be changed without having to move the physical capsule

Hello everyone - I have a similar issue. got myself Nebula Mars II pro. I am planning to use it in the garden. However I am not able to determine the dimensions of the projector screen (with tripod) that I would need to buy to be able to project 100-150 inch of screen.

Any help would be highly appreciated