Nebula 2 - filesystem access


I have a few questions about Nebula 2.

  1. There is no ES File Explorer on the Play store … Why ? Is there an another file browser which will allow me to sideload apps ? Don’t know if ADB work, but there should be simplier way to do that.
  2. I want to install OpenVPN, but there is no possibility to import certificate - it says that this feature is not supported ?!

I suppose there is an general issue about accessing filesystem from outside … When will this be fixed ? These features are must for Android TV devices like this …

Es file explorer was pulled by google

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Wish I knew this before… I have this on my phone… No more.

pulled for good reason.

But apk mirror have it not backed by google.

So i have it on my rooted Android 8.1 with xposed minminguard, and yes, its got some quite alarming amount of stuff being blocked, I can see why Google did it.

But back to the ADB sideloading. I don’t have Nebula II (Mars or capsule?) but I know Android well. Do you know how to get into developer mode, enable ADB? Then use adb install.

Any good file managers for Android?

I don’t have a view on this, my phones are usually rooted + xposed where i take back control on the ads, the phones I cannot root are the ones i need Google Pay to work (rooting blocks Pay) and by coincidence they come with their own file manager, e.g. My OnePlus has something called “file manager”

Doesn’t help the OP.

There are file managers out there in marketplace and reviews of them.