NB10 power issues

I love my NB10 headphones. I took them oversea’s with me on my last deployment, I use them here at home when I run, I use them when doing yard work. Unfortunately after I put then on the charger yesterday, they will not power on and I’m not sure what happened to them! While charging the light will not go to a steady blue anymore. When I remove them from the charger it appears that both the red and blue are lighting up at the same time, creating a sort of pinkish/purplish hue. I have tried resetting them and I am currently letting the battery drain and will try to charge them again once they die. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi @Phillip_Morgan Can’t recall mine ever doing that when I had them. I would suggest the full drain and recharge route you are trying at the moment, perhaps also with a different charge cable.

If you are still within your 18 month warranty period it would also be worth reaching out to support@anker.com should the drain / recharge fail to resolve.

Unfortunately I am outside the 18 month window by about 6-7 months. And the full drain and recharge route didnt work either. :sob::sob::sob: I guess I’ll be buying a new set next pay period!