NB10 left earpiece no sound

Wondering if you have a suggestion. Sport buds were working fine yesterday, but this evening I turned on and noticed there was no sound out of the left earpiece. I’ve tried cycling power and connecting to different devices.

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See if you can give them a good cleaning, sometimes with earbuds sweat/earwax/ and just general gunk can build up and as they got hot from your body heat it can be forced into the passage blocking sound. Usually a good cleaning can fix the no sound issue


I took the rubber plugs off…how would you recommend cleaning the earpiece itself?

Hi @Armin_Heravi,
Please contact the support team at support@anker.com and include your order information and the serial number from the device if possible. They’ll help you with a warranty replacement if needed. Thanks!

@elmo41683 Thank you for your response! @Armin_Heravi Please take off the eartips and use kind of cotton swabs to clean the filter part. If the problem was still there after cleaning the filter, please contact us via support@anker.com. We will help you with the exchange. Thanks