NB10 battery status unreliable

My nb10 are only a year old and ever since I’ve owned them they randomly jump from 70% battery to 10% when in use on my iphone s max. It’s not instant. It’s on par with how long it should last. I just get zero information on power level between 70% and 10% and it’s quite annoying. So I always have to overcharge the battery or gamble that they will last.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

This isn’t right… try resetting them… this is how…

In standby mode press and hold the ’ + ’ and ’ - ’ buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds

If that doesn’t work, contact anker at support@anker.com

Sweet, I’ll try it out when I get back home. Had to leave em charging cause they did the thing. I googled for a bit and never saw that. I’ll hit up support if it persists.

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