Nano II UK

Initially for USA market now available for UK.

My view is after the good design of the original 18W Nano which made full use of the large width of the UK socket, this is a missed opportunity to innovate, the Nano II is simply a UK pin stuck on a USA design, they should have made the body wider and to make full use of the UK socket width and shrunk the depth so the 30W is a slightly deeper version of the 20W.


Shame it has a front entry for the cable @professor
Makes this unusable in 3 of the 4 positions I use my current Nano (v1) in.

For those that this is suitable for, keep a close eye on the price.
I’m going to guess that in the coming weeks the price gap between 45w and 65w will become closer to the 30w.

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PPS and states compatibility with Samsung Super Fast Charging, so might be tempted with a 45w for work.

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Oho, not a bargain indeed!

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The size of the UK plug really calls for a dual socket with intelligence to share based on need.

There is a dual coming but not particularly intelligent, quite a bit larger, link to the USA model but you can guess what the UK version would look like.


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The Anker Nano 20w has a better design for tighter spaces


Agree @ikari04warrior , and most of mine are behind cupboards and bedside cabinets with a discrete PowerPad placed nearby.


And as a lunch break brainwave this would be an ideal testing product @professor?
For us users of the original and a few of us here owning Samsung Super Fast Charging devices I thought it might be a nice way to reintroduce/rejuvenate/start-up the Testing Club again?

If only there was someone from @AnkerOfficial listening in :nerd_face:


Oh ja the testing club!
I know 3 perfect testers in the UK!
Professor, Neil and you!


Well thank-you Franz, that’s really nice of you to say :+1:t2:

Yes I’d say these are good for testing. I’d not apply as I currently don’t need more than 18W port.

But once my phone breaks I’ll probably be getting a Samsung and then possibly be interested in a faster charger.

The reason why I might not be interested is because of the experience with my current phone and Powercore. I’m never in the situation of a nearly empty phone as Powercore stops that and never in a rush to recharge as Powercore stops that. I plug in the Powercore to the wall and I own 5 Powercore. I am interested in the Powercore being recharged reasonably fast but owning 5 means I just grab the next charged one.

Today I walked 16 miles and was away from a wall socket 9 hours and used the phone a lot but got to the next wall socket >50% full phone as I’d sat for a while with my Powercore.

I can see the need for higher Watts for laptops, but not phones.

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Evening @professor
16 miles is a great walk and hope the stop allowed for a pint or two!

I agree that for those that plan their power use, and need, can easily do without having the fastest charge.
Most of my charging is done over night. I’m using my phone and tablet more for work, Teams video calls, email, voice calls and photos so a 45w version for work would be perfect.

I would love to do a real world comparison between the Nano 18w and new 45w and Samsung 25w block to see how much difference those extra watts really make. Especially between the Samsung 25w and the Anker 45w.

There you go, that forms part of my testing entry application @AnkerOfficial :sunglasses:

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I’d never be moving just with a charger as I cannot assume a wall socket will occur, I’d never go far / long without a Powercore.

My overnight needs are multi-port as I’m plugging everything in for the morning, usually 5 items. Phone, Powercore, watch, buds… So these dinky single port higher Wattage chargers are not fit for my purposes.

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Good work, looks a nice pint.

Agree, my wireless PowerCore is always in my day pack at the weekends.
Don’t tend to carry it much Monday to Friday, I should really, but then I’m likely to forget to put it back in my day pack for the weekend wandering.

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We have different recent experiences. I was last year unexpectedly injured and in hospital with only the contents I left with on me. Roads, ambulances, corridors, tend to not have sockets conveniently placed.

I left my house today with a phone, tablet, watch, buds, a Nano 18W, Powercore 20000 PD. If I’d ended up in an ambulance I’d be fine for a night/day in a corridor. Not saying it’s a high probability, just saying it’s a possibility to be ready for each day. Today:


Your situation is often in the back of my mind @professor
You never know what’s going to happen during the most ordinary of days.

Great photos too, looks lovely :+1:t2:

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Now I know what you mean to use a charger.
I see one on the table!
Its your “liquid power bank”! :joy:

Never think of that!
Don’t create any nightmares
And → Probability calculations says NO! :grinning:

So you think that the act of thinking of something which may happen will increase it’s probability of occuring? That’s not scientific. If anything, thinking about it, reduces the risk as you think more about to avoid.

I quite like the Powercore 20000 PD, it’s a days of power and small for a bag (but heavy for pocket) so if I’m with a bag (say on a bike) I’m with the 20000 PD. If I’m walking just from house with just clothes on then with 10000 PD. So I’m not urgently needing fastest charge for a couple of days.

Once my laptop dies I’m sure replacement will be a 60W PD USB so I’ll be seeking some new chargers then as laptops don’t make sense to charge from Powercore.

You can not all explain with pure science!

Just think of placebos, they often help without any substances.
There is a saying here :
“Mal den Teufel nicht an die Wand” :joy: