Nano II 65W vs PowerPort III 65W


I’m planning to buy a new charger, but I don’t know if I should buy the Nano II 65W or the PowerPort III 65W. Both feature PowerIQ 3.0. From what I’ve read in Anker’s website, PowerIQ 3.0 supports Power Delivery 3.0, which supports PPS (my Galay Tab S7+ supports fast charging with chargers that support PPS rated at least at 45W, which should be all PD 3.0 45 W chargers). The PowerPort III 65W product page specifically says that it supports PowerIQ 3.0 and PPS, but the product page for the Nato II 65W doesn’t say anything about PowerIQ 3.0 nor PPS, although the render’s port show the IQ3 logo.

Are there any differences between both chargers apart from the size?


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PPS I’d a dark art with only a few aftermarket chargers being compatible.
Although the 65w Nano II has PPS in the title it doesn’t state it in the spec - I would assume this is an oversight of Amazon or Anker.
PowerPort III also states PPS and actually is - Anker confirmed this to me previously.

As for which one to go for?
I have (arrived yesterday) the 45w Nano II for my S20+ and S7+ and it works a treat.

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