Mystery product in need of answers

hello all,

i just purchased these buds at bestbuy ( ). love them except for the master/slave set up. anyways, no where can i find more product info even on company websites and i have even talked to them on the phone. they say they were soundcore neo then zolo liberty. neither one comes close to having the battery life or complete visual comparison. i have tested and battery DOES last at least 8hrs of constant use. someone (even anker/soundcore/zolo) help me find info any info on these.

thank you


To me the look like the the liberty neo. They are definitely not the liberty lite :grin:. I feel like Best Buy is never clear about the models you are buying from them.

@cherry_pita do they have a serial number on them?

@cherry_pita Can you post a picture of the box including the barcode area that normally has a small description of the model no…unfortunately the one on the BB site is for a different product…

Best Buy is so unorganized :unamused:

An unreleased product to boot :laughing:

This is improved soundcore liberty (formerly ZOLO liberty) with 8 h battery life (100 h with charging case)


At first I thought they were Neo as well. Didn’t know Anker sold updated Zolo under soundcore

Yeah, I beleieve they did it last summer. They decided they didn’t need two speaker brands…

That makes sense. I’m relatively new to Anker and it’s sister brands. Learning new things everyday here :joy:

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ZOLO liberty are my favorite
I will pick them over liberty air any day.

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I don’t have either yet, but I prefer the design of liberty air better. Liberty air is The only pair of true wireless earbuds I’ve ever really wanted.

I am starting to really like the Zolo Liberty design as well. But I don’t like it as much.

Here is the front and barcode area of my device. when i read the model number to them it came up in their system as a speaker. googled the model number and i even looked at their websites and nothing about these particular buds.

only thing i can think of is these are the zolo liberty buds just with new soundcore packaging. but its just weird that their sites and customer reps didnt know anything about it…

Not Neo. Uh Cool box

Like @kumar.sachin said these are the updated Zolo liberty

its just odd that the sites and rep had no clue what they were. i even sent them the link to best buy and still stumped.

There site is never updated to show current products, ask anyone here as they are always behind even for stock. Your best bet is to look on Amazon which will show current and new products.

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It’s definitely released, just not one everyone’s familiar with…

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thank you all. just still baffled why nothing on sites and reps had nothing helpful. hopefully soon something will appear online to help. again thanks

Was referring to the base code A3912…which is the SoundCore Rave Mini :wink: