Mysterious message when phone on standby

Not Anker enquiry, but had to chose.

Occasionally my fone (Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo)will flash a message on my screen, with a blue backing, saying something about not recognised your voice.

I haven’t touched anything, the phone is in standby and away from me.

It’s a fairly recent thing, just wondering if some of you techs n “geeks” (yeah I said it!) Know what I can do to stop it.

Thanks in advance

This following on from my Alexa thread - maybe it’s the machines getting ready to take over the world :earth_africa:

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I don’t have Alexa on my phone, and I have no “smart speakers”.

Apart from saying… OK GOOGLE, I don’t have anything set up. The number of times I say that keyphrase during the day is zero, unless I’m actually wanting Google to do something… Usually to see if a star is dead or how old.

Otherwise my main searches are typing on Google, or using IMDB to see who is in a specific program/film.

Installed any new apps recently that could be causing the issue?

I don’t think so.

Galaxys have been having issues with a couple things since last update… 8 - 8.0.0