Mynt Foot Massager

Mynt has just created an Amazon listing for a foot massager.

It’s an interesting new product area to say the least.

Would you be interested in a foot massager? How much demand do you think there is for a product like this?

Mynt has head/neck massagers, and oil diffuser, and now a foot massager. Overall, how interested are you in the products Mynt has come out with?


I have tried a different brand of foot massager like this and it was Amazing, great after working a 17 hour day between both jobs. I would be interested in getting one if the price was right. The one I tried was almost 200 dollars, way our of my price range

Edit: I see the price now, too much for me. But the massage is worth it if you can afford it

This brings back images of Kathy Bates wielding a hammer in a movie called, Misery. :smiley:

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I know the wife would. Plus my thumbs would be given unlimited annual leave :joy:


Haha can I install this at work, under my desk? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good idea. The problem for me is, I’m short and so I have a hard time finding chairs that would let me put both feet on the floor. Therefore, I’m a dangler. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cheaper version