Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat Review

I was contacted by Mynt to see if I wanted to test out their Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat. And of course, I jumped at the chance. It couldn’t have come at a better time too. So here is my opinion on it.


  • Dimensions : 13.5 x 9 x 5"
  • Weight : 3lbs 1.1oz
  • Battery : Lithium Ion

Comes with …

  • wall charger
  • owner’s manual & warranty information

Pros :

  • Easy to use … 1 button ON/OFF (long press) … 1 long press
  • Option for Heat … after turning on, press one more time to activate heat
  • 15 minute timer … when time is up, unit shuts off
  • Love the color combo … Ash gray with light gray, blends together nicely
  • Good quality fabric … strong, mesh is thick
  • Perfect for IT Band, legs, back, neck, and even arm
  • Great for my IT Band. I always have very tight IT Bands that I use a roller on. With this, I can sit down and let the massager do the work for me. I especially love that the nodes of the massager, it switches directions after a few minutes. This really helps to loosen it up.
  • You don’t have to physically hold it to you… unlike those handheld massagers
  • Helps with my wrist pain from being on my computer all day … loosens that baby up
  • Provides a deep massage … be warned, it can hurt at times. But no pain, no gain.
  • Nodes switches directions to really work out the kinks
  • It’s rechargeable … can be used anywhere … I like to use it while I’m watching tv

Cons :

  • When using heat, it reduces the battery life … I only use the heat when I really need to
  • Since it uses a rechargeable battery, you can only get up to 1 hour of massage before needing to charge again.

Overall, the massager is made of high quality material. Compared to a similar massager found at Brookstones, it just looks better and feels better. The charging cable can be a bit hard to plug in but I think that’s better then being loose. Charging port can be shoved into the pocket in the back to hide it when not charging. It takes about an hour to charge up.

As I stated earlier, I tend to have very tight IT Band and legs. I’ve invested in so many gadgets to help me with it, and yes, I do stretches too. I have rollers, electro stimulation machine, rechargeable and plug in massagers but I can honestly say that the Mynt has helped me with little effort on my part. I don’t need to be holding and pressing the massager to myself, I can just sit down in my armchair, put it under my leg or IT area and relax while it loosens it for me. I’m not going to lie, at times, it hurts and almost brings me to tears as it gets deep into my muscles. Of course, if you’re just using it relax, it shouldn’t be painful at all. It only hurts when you’re tight and round up like a Jack in the Box. Hahaha. But afterwards, I am more relaxed. And the fact that it’s uses a rechargeable battery is awesome. I can use it anywhere. No looking for a nearby outlet or having to use an extension cord to plug it into.

So who is this massager good for? Anyone and everyone that has back pain, leg pain, or just needs a little pampering. Being able to use it anywhere is priceless. And the surprising thing is … it cost a whole lot less then places like Brookstone for their version. At the time of this review, this Mynt massager is $49.99. Brookstone’s version is at least 2 times that!!! I would highly recommend this massager.

Purchasing link: Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow


Great review. I to get tight muscles from time to time I’m definitely going to pick one of these up. Thanks for the recommendation

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Great review @Nhi I fancy being pampered and hurt a bit lol. Both me and my wife suffer with tension. Me in lower back and wife in shoulders so looks like a great product. Will keep a look out for it.

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nice review very tempted to get it for my wife to try but spend way too much $$$$ for the holiday must resist…

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For the price, it well worth it. I’m tempted to purchase one so I can use it on both sides of my legs at a time :stuck_out_tongue: And ohhhhhhh the pain and pure release of my tight muscles when it does it’s magic on my legs. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it when you get it. :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention that I sometimes get poor circulation in my legs when my muscles are tight. This has really helped with that. Might want to pick up 2 so you guys don’t fight over it ;). Let me know how you like it when you get it.


As I mentioned, it was only $49.99 when I checked on Amazon. A couple days ago, I saw it at $39.99. Either way, it’s well worth the price. And compared to others I’ve seen in stores, definitely better quality and price.

I add an Amazon link to your review, it is a good promotional article. :smile:

Hahaha. I just realized that I forgot the link and was coming back to add it. Thanks for doing it for me. Sorry I forgot. :slight_smile: I must have been too relaxed after using the massager :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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Nice, I need this in my life. I have been to a chiropractor and even sports doctors, but the muscles in my back are so tight it takes a long time for them to loosen up. I may have to get this to try and see if it helps me.

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@elmo41683 I hurt my back years ago and have gone thru therapy for years and whatnot. I found that going to the chiropractor really helps. But they can get expensive. So now, when my back aches or gets stiff, I use my RumbleRoller to give myself a massage and crack my back. But sometimes it hurts too much to roll on the RumbleRoller. For those days, the Mynt massager helps tremendously. The traditional massager that just vibrates just don’t cut it for me. The Mynt gets in there and does magic. It really works out the kinks. I have massagers that vibrate and heat up but all that does for me is make me a bit nauseous. It doesn’t get deep enough. With the Mynt’s massaging nodes, it’s like a set of hands kneading you. And I find that it automatically changes kneading directions, further helps loosen the muscle up. I can’t recommend this massager enough. And all those other massagers I have, costed a lot too.

That’s good to know, my chiropractor turned me away and same with the sports doctor. I pulled a back muscle a few years ago and ever since then my muscles are extremely tight. It took one sports doctor over 2 hours to work 1 muscle loose, the chiropractor tried but couldn’t crack my back. Tried going to another one and same thing. I’m just a lose cause :sweat_smile:

Great review @Nhi !! :blush:

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Thanks for sharing this review!!

Awesome review. Looks and sounds like an interesting product.

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First rate review there @Nhi , thanks for sharing!

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I got one and enjoy it. Definitely worth getting

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Sounds like we had very similar results. I went thru years of physical therapy (swimming, stretching, weights, electro stimulation, and others) at a sports medicine facility for over 2 years. They didn’t believe in chiropractic work. After they gave up on me, I decided to give chiropractic work a try. Like you, when my back wouldn’t crack, it was very tight and affected the rest of my body. But my chiropractor is awesome. She knew exactly what to do so I went to her for a long while. But after I got laid off, I couldn’t afford to go see her as often so I started foam rolling. I went from the traditional foam roller, which didn’t help that much to the mother of foam rolling… the RumbleRoller. I know that by the look of it, it’s very intimidating and looks painful. I’m not going to lie, it can be at times. Other times, it’s like giving yourself a deep tissue massage. But using it for my IT Band, brings me to tears…that’s where the Mynt is perfect. I literally have to “roll” every day. Check the Rumble Roller out. I’m sure it will definitely help. And of course, the Mynt Massager. :slight_smile: And no, you’re not a lost cause. It’s just harder for doctors to find anything wrong when if nothings broken.

@Jesse_Hernandez1 @Oggyboy @ximage29 @Daiross @Webster_Pratt @ndalby Thanks :slight_smile:

@Isaac_Schloss I totally agree. Especially for the price. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Nhi I’ll look into that, hopefully I can get something soon