My zolo liberty plus purchased 10-16-2018 have failed

I loved them. But only used them walking and listening to books. Maybe 3 times a month. always cleaned my ears before use . the sound began to only work through left ear( like in a phone call )april 2020. i called customer service. they really were not well trained for this older model. I was told to reset by procedures . Then i couldn’t hear anything from the left and only faintly from the right. The next time i called i was told they were out of warantee and given a 20% discount on my next purchase. I wish they had tried harder to help me get them to work or that they had told me how to at least get back to good sound that i had in the left earpiece . All i am doing is listening to books .

Strikes me Anker were more than reasonable, out of warranty but gave a discount code.

I use mine daily, they usually last 6 months, and I don’t even bother making a warranty claim as it feels wrong to, plus their warranty is from quality issues and not an assurance of heavy usage wear. I now buy them in 2 pairs and swap between them which is probably why only one of them is beginning to fail in 1 bud after a year.

Given the gunk in the ear it is amazing they even offer as much as a year warranty but the wording has them covered