My topic was removed without reason?!

I was trying to raise awareness of a free hot drink, when I realise my post got deleted can someone please give suggestions why?

@BMU Awareness of a free hot drink is always important, especially if it is chilly… like it is right now in Staten Island

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Hi @BMU the topic was closed by myself with a notification as to why, it’s possible you might not have received it due to the post being moved to the test/trash section too quickly (it can happen)…

As to why the topic was removed…while it is good to post deals for community members, it is best keeping it related to a tech perspective or something product related to Anker. Otherwise it can open the floodgates to everyone posting about a food / non-Anker related tech deal with either good intentions (or to generate points and power bucks)…


@ndalby This reminds me of what I keep meaning to talk to you about. You have closed my posts before, which isn’t a problem, but I can never figure out why. When you put a note in the post, and then close it, I never get a notification.

I think it would work better if you PM’d the recipient after you close there post, since as a moderator, you are supposed to give a reason as to why the post was closed :grin:

By the way @BMU where is this free hot drink at? Need one about now!

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Closed x3 of your posts previously, x2 of which were merged with an active topic you had already commented in…which in turn closes the previous thread.

A notification should be received for the topic starter as to why the topic was closed (used to be a direct PM)…possibly this was removed in the last and/or ongoing update…

McDonald’s. Download the free app.

@ndalby I’ve never received a notification as to why my posts were closed :man_shrugging:

@TechMan I downloaded the app… are you sure? I see “get a free McCafe” but you have to purchase 5 any size drinks before you get a free one. That’s really not free… Anyway @BMU thanks for the heads up

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@BMU said that in the original post :man_shrugging:. I haven’t tried it yet… do you live in NC? If so, I know how you can get a free drink from a coffee shop their lol

Regardless thanks @ndalby for always looking out for the community

No, I am in NY for a couple of weeks. But it’s okay, already made a trip out to Dunkin’


New York? Don’t they have Tim hortons there? Best coffee/donuts you can get :grin:

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Ha ha ha! There is a Tim Hortons right off of Hylan Blvd. That is about a mile from me. I’ve seen it several times but have never thought much of it. Gonna try it based on your recommendation! Best coffee/donuts!!! We shall see!


In the UK, you can get £5 off McDonald’s (£20 spend) this week if you order via their app. Other discounts are available but £5 off a £20 order is good.

My Friday is sorted :slight_smile:
Even better deal £3 off £10 order.

They opened one in Cardiff. People went mental. It closed a few months later lol. I never went. You can’t beat Greggs.

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Downloaded the app and the free hot drink is there; thanks will get it for my breakky

Yeh Greggs also do a free hot drink when you download the app aswell. Greggs is the best😉

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I feel like this post transformed in the same one that was closed?


Waste of efforts @ndalby :joy:

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Cold drink, not free: