My Soundcore Neo Review

Here we are folks the culmination of multiple product redesigns and enhancements to bring you the best in ear truly wireless headphones. First we started with the Zolo Liberty and Liberty+, then came the Liberty Lite, Liberty Air, and multiple revised versions of these headphones and now we Have the Liberty Neo’s.

This review is focused on the Liberty Neo which I received as part of the We Love Testing Special edition Program.

Since I had the very first Wireless earbuds from Zolo I always thought the box was a waste of space, boy was I surprised when I got the Liberty Neo because not only is the box half of what the Liberty+ is but they also cut down on all that plastic packaging that was inside the box too.

Inside the box we are presented with a new metallic color cased that is also glossy. The earbuds and all its accessories as well are neatly packed into tiny baggies that are recyclable. Here you can get an idea of the size of these headphones, which are remarkably smaller than I had expected as well.

Fit and Comfort
Now lets get right to the nity gritty, I can write all day about these headphones and compare them to the Liberty+ and the Soundcore Liberty Air, But each of these headphones have a specific purpose and thats to please the user who owns them with good sound quality and a great fit.
The Liberty Neo’s have, imo, the Best fit out of all the “True” wireless headphonesThat Anker/Soundcore/Zolo, not only are they extremely lightweight but they also hold the best when moving about or exercising rigorously. These come with grip fit sleeves to help hold them in your ear as needed, but right out of the box I found that they held remarkably well without it. I did however install the smallest sized grip fit sleeve just for that added protection.

Sound Quality
Now I am not an audiophile nor do I claim to be one, I like what I like and thats going to be subjective as we all hear things differently. For me the Neo actually sounds BETTER than the liberty air and I thought those sounded amazing. But I feel these sound better because they have more Bass and this is due to higher oscillation of the drivers using graphene technology…whatever they say or claim can actually be heard in how they play and reproduce the sound. From Rap to rock and classical music I was able to hear the highs and lows, but I will admit the kids seem to get muddled in the bass and the highs can be shrill at times. But my phones soundstage is adjusted to my liking so I don’t get the high shrills or the muddled bass, what I do get is a decent representation of the overall sound stage. The bass isn’t too punchy or overpowering like Beats headphones and the highs are not as shrill as say the Bob Marley collection headphones, but thats also like comparing apples to oranges in that each headphone is geared to a user for a specific purpose and need.

Battery Life
Soundcore claims a 3.5 hour battery life when using these at moderate volume levels. I personally found that while it can last that long, it generally won’t make it past 3 hours unless you consistently turn the volume down over time.
Well if your like me, that is just unacceptable, and doesn’t work for me as I wear these at work and need them to last at least 7 to 8 hours. So what I do is wear just 1 earbud at a time while I’m working, this can get me to around 7 hours of use out of 1 earbud because its not having to send and maintain the signal between the two earbuds.

Here is the kicker that many will love to hear, you can pair each earbud independently from one another, and if you are using a phone that has Bluetooth 5.0 you can enable dual Audio and pair each earbud to the phone separately and use them at the same time…doing this will allow your earbuds to last roughly 6 to 7 hours as opposed to just the 3 when the earbuds are paired together. You also have the case which has a built in 600mAh battery which will get you up to 12 additional hours of use…this of course is based on their method, but in reality if you use the earbuds as I do 1 at a time the case will generally last you a whole week before needing to be charged.


So to sum this all up Yes I would without a doubt recommend the Soundcore Liberty Neo. They have great sound, good amount of bass, and if you utilize them the way I have mentioned both independently or independently together with dual audio you can drastically increase your time in use. The case is sleek and can easily fit in your pocket and go unnoticed and the same can be said for the earbuds with how lightweight they are. I often drove home from work with them still in my ears because i forgot them in and they are just that comfortable.

Here are some comparison photos between the Liberty+, Liberty Air, and Soundcore Neo


Detailed review as always, great photos. I am envious of your selection of buds. The using 1 bud at a time is intriguing. I use buds a lot for work phone calls and often put 1 bud so I can also hear things around me.

Is that the blue box we got for Xmas a year a go when they gave us the free Liberty+? I immediately gifted my Liberty+ away as I could tell they’d fall out too easily but these Neo look like the “version 3 solves enough of the problems” which may really succeed. Thinks, I might use theses, so how can i get them for free?

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Great review as expected :thumbsup:
Love the comparison with other Zolo, Soundcore offerings

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Hey Rob would you mind uploading a pic showing the Liberty+ in your ears so we can see how far they stick out compared the the neo?

That was one of the only problems I had with the Liberty+ they just stuck out a little to far and were a little heavy on the ends leading to the earbuds falling out when I got sweaty.

Great review and pics BTW☺️

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Ask and ye shall receive…I have big ears so they tend to hold most earbuds. but I thought the liberty+ fit was good, but once I got the Neo’s I saw just how much better the fit could be and I have been using the Neo’s daily since I got them.

And heres the Liberty Air


Nice thanks bud. Yeah the neo look like they are way more streamlined than the Liberty+ never had a problem with the Air.

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Nice in depth review :+1::smile:

@Tank that dual pairing with BT 5 thing, explain a little more, so I’d pair each bud …? I can then turn them on/off individually and use individually? Can you show us screenshots from the phone? You’d pair them as a twin and then…?

These might finally be the item i’d go with, put one in each ear at a time, I do that a lot with my wired buds and basically wrap the wire around back of neck.

So what you do is pair them individually, once you do this they will not work together unless you hard reset them. But if your committed to using them as I do then follow these steps below, this is assuming you already have the right paired to your phone as you would normally.

Take the left earbud from the charging case, press and hold down the button until it turns off. Then press once to turn on the left earbud—the white indicator light will be flashing.
Then, quickly tap three times to enter pairing mode. The white indicator will flash slowly.
In your Bluetooth menu you will see “Soundcore Liberty Neo L” click it to pair it with your phone.

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Someone likes true wireless earbuds too much :joy:. Jk, nice review!

Great review and explanation to the line of improvement as I was confused eith zolo, liberty air, neo.

Thanks, I do not fully understand it as I don’t have the Neo in my hands but I see its not many steps.

These items in some reviews seem to be saying a little fiddly to operate. I won’t link to those reviews as they were initiated here. Do you find them fiddly to operate (answer calls, volume)? What I also sometimes use is my smartwatch to be a remote control (such as if its raining and phone is in a bag).

So I for example sometimes answer a phone call by pressing the middle button on my current fave buds (Slim+) how is with these Neo?

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The button presses are fine Imo, they don’t push further into my ear because they fit my ear exact, but I can see it being a problem for others. As far as answering calls you just press the button to answer and hang up. Calls seemed better with these than the liberty air, so for that it’s a huge plus for these.

Nice review and great thread, lot of information on BT5 and pairing :slight_smile:

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Great review. :slight_smile: That’s awesome to know that you can actually use one bud at a time. I rarely wear both when I’m out walking since I like to hear my surroundings also. If my Airpods ever go out, I’d totally keep the Neo in mind as a replacement.


Excellent review as always @Tank :thumbsup:


Awesome review as usual, @Tank! (I almost typed elmo… I think we need a username conversion guide :joy:)


Great review @Tank. Have you tried to run with them? How strong is the iso? Because if I run I don’t want to be hit by a car or something else

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Thanks and as much as I hate running I have started to run in a treadmill and they do hold up. But since I’m in a treadmill I’m not sure how well they keep outside noise to a minimum or if it’s total isolation

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Awesome. Great review. I’ve been curious about this style of wireless. I can’t decide between these and the Liberty.

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