My soundcore life q20s keep turning off when connecting to my windows 10 laptop

My anker soundcore lief q20s keep turning off as soon as connected to any windows device. I have reinstalled the bluetooth driver multiple times and reset the headphones multiple times. I have never paired it to any other device. If you ask me to reinstall the bluetooth driver or adapter you are going to be met with quite a bit of cussing.

Hi @Ashank_Sundaram sounds like a possible compatibility issue with the model of BT adapter within your device.

As you have tried the normal troubleshooting steps I would suggest you reach out to support on to see what you options are.

I do not have the packaging or warantee information. This was bought off of lazada…any way you can help?

Hi @Ashank_Sundaram you would need to log a support ticket with Soundcore using the email address provided.

If you provide the serial on the device, along with the Lazada order no, the issue your having and the troubleshooting steps taken, they will be able to assist with either further troubleshooting and/or a replacement depending on Lazada’s returns/replacement conditions.

SO I just paired it to my iPhone and it works perfectly…

Well beyond lazada’s return policy (around 4 days past 1 month)…

I would still suggest reaching out to Soundcore support. As they have paired without issue to your iPhone is does seem to be compatibility related.

Hopefully Soundcore support can provide you with a suitable solution / option.

I thought this was soundcore support… what the hell is this then

This is the Anker Innovations community of which Soundcore is part of. They have their own dedicated community here

Both communities are for members to provide assistance and support to other members. For warranty related issues and faults you would need to log a support ticket with as the process will not be handled through a public forum.