My Soundcore Life NC Review

Soundcore’s Life NCs are in one word, amazing! Honestly, I never thought a tiny speaker could produce such a variety of sound while having an Active Noise Cancelling component, there just doesn’t seem to be room for all that tech in such a small device. Here I sit, blown away again by Anker, thanks!

Pros: Great sound quality and range of sound from High, Mids and Lows you can hear it all.

  • Small profile, Long battery life (even with ANC on), and the ability to change from ANC (Active noise cancellation) to Normal and possibly my favorite new feature, Transparency, which allows you to change the sound mode so that even while wearing both earbuds you can hear the outside world just fine.

  • They also come with a Travel Bag that will fit them as well as hold any cables or charging bricks you may want to bring along. Although the best part about it is the little zipper pocket inside to hold the extra ear bud pieces that change the size, as well as the Aux Cable they come wth.

  • The Aux Cable. Anker has made a cable that plugs into the micro usb charging port in the headphones and the other end is auxiliary for either just generally saving battery or if you want to use them on an airplane or other places where bluetooth may not be allowed.

Cons: It is difficult to find fault with these headphones, it really is, so I will be picky…I wish they had made them so the earbuds would have a magnetic attachment to the ends of the neckband instead of just to each other. The first pair of Bluetooth earbuds I ever owned had this feature and I have to say it is a great way to store them when you are not using them but still wearing them or only using one.

Overall: Highly recommended if someone is looking for new earbuds. The range and quality of sound is impressive along with the extras you get, Travel Bag, Aux Cable. It is important to me to stress how good the sound really is compared to any of their other earbuds, it really does blow them away. The tones are not as deep as over the ear headphones, but close and that is saying something when you take into account the difference in the size of the speakers in the two.

P.S: I recieved my T-shirt the other day! It is awesome, love the design and it fits perfectly!


Nice review! But pictures would be great :pleading_face:

Sweet & Short review :thumbsup: try to include some photos when time permits :slight_smile:

Nice review but would love to see pictures like others pointed out.

Great review :muscle:t2:

Gotta give the people what they want … PICS PICS PICS

Nice review, but pics would be helpful for those that are interested in this product or not sure what it is.

Pics please, nice review though

Glad to hear you had a good experience with these headphones. I have been really close to buying a pair! Solid quality and a true successor to the Soundbuds Life.

Good review @Chris_Renshaw :ok_hand: Might be the set to replace my Life and Lite versions if / when they eventually give up the ghost

Awesome review buddy!

Nice reivew. Unfortunately I also tested the new Sony’s and I had to admit the Sony’s beat Anker in every way. MUCH better ANC, no sound leaking (which for me was critical because I use them at work). The sound quality on the Soundcore was really good I had to admit, and the price as well. Since I had no budget issues I ended up keeping Sony.

what is the Sony model number/name? I’d like to try it :slight_smile:

Sony wh-1000xm3, their new 2018 beast. Reviews say they finally were able to best the Bose

Nice review buddy, pictures would be great too !

These are over ear type. totally different type of earphones. Good to know they are catching up to Bose in ANC.

Nice review, as everyone else has said some pictures would be awesome to see

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Nice review!

Nice short review :ok_hand:

Sorry my bad, I thought they were the life 2

Hardly call it short :grin:. Just looks smaller without photos :joy: