My Soundcore Liberty Air Review

First and foremost I received this product to test it out and help find any quirks and problems with it, Yes I beta tested these.

These are Ankers claim to fame over their other wireless earbud iterations, the reason I say that is these are similar in design to the Apple AirPods, but they are better in every aspect IMO. These are designed to go inside your ear instead of just sitting on your ears. This creates a unique listening experience as these have passive noise cancelation due to the in ear design, The speakers have graphene drivers which aid in sound reproduction and also bass response. These headphones are IPX 5 rated, while not completely waterproof they are water resistant and for some people thats enough to get them through their workouts.

The headphones feature a 5 hour playback time that can be extended to 20 when used with the case to charge them. I personally have found these headphones to be very loud and because of that I have managed to get 8 to 10 hours of playtime out of these not including the case. The sound quality is exceptional, bass response is on point and not overpowering or overwhelming…although some may prefer more bass, but that is subjective to each opinion. The charging case took about an hour and half to fully charge and if you have ever used Apple AirPods, the case is similar in size with this case being slightly bigger but still pocketable and manageable.

The earbuds have touch controls similar to Apple AirPods, but I have found these to work a bit better and are not as finicky as the AirPods. With these you can also turn off the earbuds if you do not have the case or want to put them inside the case. I like this feature because I don’t have to keep the case on me at all times, yet I can still turn them off completely if need be.

All in all if you are in the market for some truly wireless earbuds then do not hesitate to get these as you will not be disappointed. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Great review, @elmo41683! Thanks for posting it!


Thanks for the review. I wonder why you were able to post a review when normally if you beta test something that would be violation of the NDA.

I had asked, they have me the greenlight as long as it was part video

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Cool cool cool good to know.

Very nice review. Great level of detail covered and knowledge shared. :slight_smile:

Just bought these today, and I can’t figure out how to pair the Left earbud while the Right is still in the case. Is it possible?

Awesome review. 8-10 hours of playtime on the buds alone? That’s remarkable! I envy you right now, having one of those.

Nice photos, too, but you have three times the same photo - the last photo before the video - just a heads up.

How’s call quality?

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I like that idea because most of the time, I only use the left side… so I can stay alert to traffic and crazies out there :stuck_out_tongue: Great job with the video. When you’re using just one bud, can it be any side or does it have to be the right? When I use my AirPods, I use the left side. The Liberty Air looks a bit bigger overall vs the AirPods. I would love to see a comparison pic of the Liberty Air vs AirPods. From your review, I see that Anker is giving Apple a good race. :slight_smile: Thanks for the pics and review. I would love to get my hands on the Liberty Air and perhaps do a comparison with my AirPods. :slight_smile:

Mic quality is excellent in terms of delivering your voice clearly, but the ones I had picked up background noise. It wasn’t loud, but it was audible from the other side of the line.

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The left ear bud is the slave bud and requires the right bud to also be out of the case unlike the right bud which you can listen to solo.

Here is a comparison to the airpods


Your getting old buddy, take a look at the pictures again and you will notice subtly that one the case is closed, two case open, and third earbuds are out…all similar but different

Call quality was good according to others, my wife says I sound like a robot because I breathe so heavily, but others have said I sounded fine.


Indeed. I’ve been tricked by my own lazy brain…

Seems like you and your wife have some fine tuning to do… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I understand her completely. I have a deep voice, to the point my wife sometimes has issues understanding what I say in front of her.


You’re not the only one.

Great review @elmo41683 , interesting design but bulkier than I thought they were going to be (when compared direct to the air pods)…

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Great review and photos!! :ok_hand:

I agree they definitely look bulkier that airpods and that has been the case with so many companies that have tried to make something similar to airpods.

I mean they look bulky but do not feel bulky. When trying the airpods I found I lost them more often and if I wasn’t paying attention to the music I wouldnt have realized they fell out of my ear. At least with the liberty airs I always knew they were in my ear, and the one time they did fall out i realized it right away…they only fell out because i was putting a box in a shelf and i couldnt quite reach it so it slid back off and hit my ear

I think the size of the case for the liberty air is about as compact as they could make it make it considering the size and shape of the earbuds.

I much prefer the in-ear design of the Liberty air, Apple earphones always fall out of my ears with the slightest movement.