My Soundcore is not charging

My Soundcore Select’s battery has died, but it will not charge. I’ve connected and reconnected the USB cable, tried different outlets, but the charging indicator will not light up when I plug it in. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @psullivan76,
Sorry to hear that your speaker is not taking a charge. To rule out an issue with the charger, would you please try different cables and different USB chargers? You can try your phone charger, the USB ports on your computer, on the back of your TV, etc, to make sure the charger is not at fault.
If it still will not charge, please reach out to with your order number or receipt and they will be happy to assist you!


It Is possible that if you used the internal battery all the way then stored it for a while a month or two. That the batteries drained below recharge voltage.

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I have recently had trouble with my Soundcore not being able to hold a charge also. After about 3 seconds it shuts down and it automatically turns off.
I have tried different chargers but nothing has worked yet.
I would definitely love some help with this issue.

Contact Anker support and they’ll send you a new set

3 years old? This thread is old

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Thank you, I will.

I have the same problem here 4 month now I can’t charge it ?

Contact support for a replacement or a refund

Less than two months ago I bought a brand new Soundcore Motion B. Since, I’ve used it for about 40 or 50 hours and charged the battery some 4 or 5 times after letting the charge drain off completely each time. Now it won’t charge at all. Didn’t drop it or hit it, nor got it wet. I am obsessively careful with my equipment. When I plug it in, the red charging light turns on but turns off after a minute or less. The thing just died. I’ve tried some reset strategies found on the Web, such as pressing the Bluetooth and the + button simultaneously for some seconds but didn’t work. The charging cable does work with another speaker. Please help!

The item is under warranty, so please contact the support.
You might get help there.

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