My Soundcore Flare review

I want to apologize beforehand for hyping this up, it’s well deserved but this is the second time I had to record and write this review. I had it all set on my laptop and lost it when the battery died. So here is a slightly different twisted review :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The soundcore flare is the first speaker released under the soundcore brand. This is a tower style speaker with many new features that make it unique and well worth the hype.


360 sound
2x 1.75 inch full range drivers, 2 x passive radiators
8w to each driver for a combined 16 watts of power
Bluetooth 4.2
Auxiliary input
Cloth covered surround
IPX7 waterproofing, fully submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

First and foremost, this speaker is not some cheap speaker. It feels very premium and has some nice heft to it, but despite the heft, the speaker still floats if submerged in water. This speaker has a feature which allows you to pair it with another speaker for left/right sound, and since the speaker features 360 degree sound it fully immerses you with sound from everywhich direction when paired together. When 2 speakers are paired together they can use used as such, or one can be placed further away.

This speaker really surprised me when it came to how loud and how well it sounds. I honestly didn’t think that it would live up to the hype, but it really does and when paired to another speaker for surround sound I was blown away. I tested and used these at work and I placed them on a shelf 6 aisles apart, my coworkers were going around looking confused because they could hear it but not see where the sound was coming from. The 360 surround really throws the vocals and bass around so it does immerse you, and speaking x
Of bass this speaker features Bass up tech. What this does is amplifies the low frequency at lower volumes, it can be heard at full volume as well. With bass up enabled I was actually able to rattle the speaker playing rap and also some rock.

On the bottom of the speaker is a L.E.D ring, this can be controlled via the button on top or the soundcore app. When two speakers are connected, the led lights will sync and play same colors and pattern. If you control the lights via the app you can choose a number of settings, from light control to music wave equalizer.
Now I personally wish that the app aloud you to choose or adjust the EQ to your own preference instead of having to choose one of the presets, but if your not picky then they would work for you.

Here are some pictures and a video at the end. I apologize again for this was kind of rushed out of frustration having lost my initial review and video. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer the best I can.

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Great review. Love the video demo. So do they come as a pair? I am really digging the size and shape of the speaker. So far, I think this is the only speaker that has me thinking of getting an external speaker. Thanks for the review and demo.

If you can shot the video at night, you will see more exciting LED light!:sunglasses:

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Excellent review @elmo41683 , the decibel tester was a very good touch…

The more I see of this speaker the more it’s wetting my appetite to take the plunge :grin:


No, these speakers only come as 1. But as all things speakers it’s better with 2, so I got my hands on a second one so i can experience it’s TRUE nature. 1 speaker is great by itself, but both make it awesome. At 80 percent volume there is no distortion, at 100 percent volume there is still no distortion and you can accurately hear the vocal range and bassline without any bbn interference

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We all like to say this is loud or so and so is louder. But loudness is subjective to everyone, we all hear things differently so the best way to test is with the db meter. I actually compared these to the soundcore mini 2, you can actually see them on the table in the background. The mini 2 only got this loud at full volume, and this was within a footfoot of the speaker. With both I was able to walk away 10 to 15 feet before the sound lessened, it could still be heard but not nearly as good as the flare


Awesome review, @elmo41683! And good song choice! :smile:

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Amazing review, @elmo41683! It makes me want to test one of those even more!

In fact, I want to have a couple of those and a Nebula projector just to be able to do an ad hoc outdoor theater with stereo sound. :wink:

And they also look nice!

One question: did you submerged them? If you did, how did the mesh fared afterwards?

Watch the video :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Great review and demo fella. I had my earphones in watching that and they sounded amazing. Even better with 2 of course. Great job.


good review i want one of these

We will have more events in the end of May. Maybe you can win one?:wink:


Great review @elmo41683 :grin: They look good :thumbsup:

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