My SoundCore Flare Plus Pair playing out of sync

I own two SoundCore Flare Plus Bluetooth speakers and as of recent I’ve realized that when I’m playing music after sometime the right speaker starts making crackling noise and playing out of sync from the left speaker

Have you tried to unpair them, and resync them to your phone or Bluetooth device?


Are they running the latest firmwares and/or is each running a different firmware revision (bought at a separate time)? First and easiest thing to try would be a fresh pairing to your device as @tank mentioned…


This could happen if you have moved them too far apart or there is other nearby interference (WiFi, another Bluetooth device, etc).


Remember you don’t sync both to your device.

If you’ve synced both to your device, go to Bluetooth settings and see have dual sound (Samsung name for sending audio to 2 devices)

I had a similar issue with mine. I only paired both of mine to update firmware. Then unpair one of them and let the app do the syncing.

My suggestion would be check of firmware updates, move closer together if they are far apart. Move them away from other wifi/bluetooth devices. Unpair the speakers, power down and restart them and try again. Then sync only one, follow the steps to sync the two speakers. These are the steps I tried and they worked for me.

If that doesn’t work contact support.

I’ve never experienced this issue. You should be sure the app and the firmware are up to the latest versions.

Than you should forget your speakers from your device and repair. Than connect one of them, and add the other from the soundcore app.

Hope this helps :grin: