My soundbuds sport is not charging what should I do? FYI it just arrived in my home

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What are you plugging it into? And have you tried using a different micro usb cable?

With my smartphone wall charger… yes, I’ve been with other USB cable

Have you tried charging from a computer USB port, it’s possible the power draw for the earbuds is too low for your wall charger to detect as connected?

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as @ndalby said, try using different cable/charger… and if problem persist, contact customer care.

Yes, I’ve been but it doesn’t work

Yes, IAM already contact customer care, thanks

If the earbuds are unable to draw power at all from either a USB port or suitable wall charger (with a different cable tried also) it sounds like they are defective / DOA…you could log a call with but as they have just been delivered, return and replacement from your point of purchase would most likely be the quicker option…

That’s right , I’ve been report to support.Anker Indonesia and still wait the follow from them. Thanks