My selfie stick review

I received the selfie stick last year from the Halloween contest. At first I didn’t think I would ever use a selfie stick, but I guess times have changed as ocassionally we do use it.
The packaging is similar to most Anker products, in that you get a white and blue box, inside is the standard happy/unhappy card and welcome guide/manual.

For those who never used a selfie stick, this one is simple in that there is a headphone style plug that you plug into your headphone port …sorry folks if you don’t have a headphone jack you have to use a adapter or look for a bluetooth selfie stick.

The stick has 5 extendable sections that allow you to extend up to 27.5 inches. It has an expandable section where you put your phone and then plug the cable in. On the handle is a blue clear button that once your phone is plugged in and hooked up, open tha camera app and when your ready press the button. On my Android phone it processed right away, on the iPhone there was a bit of delay…at first the volume went up and then the picture was taken. On the iPhone it has done that everytime, unplugging and plugging it back in did the same thing with the volume up and then picture was taken, not sure why but it didn’t matter to me. Pictures taken came out great and it works as it should.


Mom says Hi!!

Look at that mess of hair, me and my son @Spike1109


I have the older Bluetooth one. Absolutely loved it. Great for when you are out and about or on holidays and days out. We’ve had some cracking photos from it.

Great review with some great pics. Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:

I have one of those. Unfortunately, I don’t find myself using it all that much. Probably because I rather use my GoPro on a stick. When I got that selfie stick, I actually used it in Vegas. I would turn my back camera facing me though since it’s a better lens then the front. Of course, I got funny stares and people probably saying, “duh, you’re facing the camera the wrong way.” But the jokes on them :stuck_out_tongue: This is definitely one of the better selfie sticks for a phone. It’s nice and compact and having the shutter bluetooth button ready is a plus. Btw, love the pics. :slight_smile:

Never saw any use, personally, for ever taking any selfies, let alone needing an additional accessory to have to lug around to do it. I have declined two Power User samples, leaving them for those that can/will use them.

Despite my views regarding them, I love reading any and all product reviews, especially those from Anker.:thumbsup:

What I like is how heavy duty and sturdy it is compared to many I have seen. Last summer we were at the gorge and a lot of people had selfie sticks but two of them failed and they lost their phone over the edge…Nothing like a 150ft drop to shatter a phone. I feel safe nowing how sturdy this is and will have no issue using it at the gorge.

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I meant 150 ft drop…haha, a 10 ft drop wouldnt be much of a gorge

Great review and thank you for sharing! Especially the ones of you actually using it as a result!

Nice pictures with the family :grin: and thanks for the review.