My Roav Spectrum Smart Car Charger Review

I recently got this from Poweruser and here is my review…I know we have seen many of these recently but this is my take.

The Roav Spectrum Smart charger is a device that allows you to charge 1 or 2 devices at the same time. 1 port offers Ankers own power IQ technology which adjust the power to the device it’s charging, you can rest assured that it won’t harm your device. The second port offers Qualcoms quick charge 3.0, this allows faster charging if your device supports it, charges at normal speed otherwise.

The charger plugs into your cigarette lighter or power port and once powered up can be paired with the spectrum app that is available on Google and apple store. So once you plug it in, you open the app and follow the in screen instructions which in my case asked me if I wanted the app to enable bluetooth since I had it disconnected. Once it was enable the app searched for the charger, it found it literally within seconds and paired flawlessly.

Within the app you are greeted with a variety of options and features. For me the first thing I did was open the lightbulb and chose a color to match my cars dash lighting which was green. Once I had that selected I proceeded to check my battery status…for me this feature was way off in my car. It read that my battery was in the check status saying it needed to be charged. I just put a new battery in so I know it’s working and charging properly, tested with a meter and my car reads 14.2v while the app days it’s in the 11 v range.

After playing around with the settings i drove to one of my jobs and parked my car. With the app opened I was able to see it setting my cars location where I parked…this for me worked great and was never more than a foot off from where I parked when locating my car. I think this all depends on how you have your location settings within your phone set, on Android I can choose between energy saving/just gps/high accuracy with GPS and wifi. I always keep mine set to high accuracy so that may be why I didn’t have issues with this. If you find that the car parking location is off you can manually set it to wherever you want and save it so when you come back it will say your car is at so and so location.

Now I know in some other reviews someone mentioned that it did not remember the selected color nor did the lights stay off when turned off and the app closed. But that was not my experience, I had my phone turned off while at work and when I turned it back on and went to locate my car it told me where it was and when I got in the lights where still the color I set it to. I even turned the lights off while on my break and the same thing it remained off.

The chargig part works great, I have a qc 2.0 phone and it worked great charging it as it is backwards compatible with older versions. I did charge my phone via the power IQ port and charging time was only slower by about 10 minutes so you really can’t go wrong using either port.

What I liked about the charger is I can set the mood lighting to whatever color I want, it has qc quick chagre, carbon fiber accent, and the app is decently done.
What I didn’t like is the battery monitor was off, the quick set for the lighting was also off…green was yellow and red was pink but I could manually adjust them so it wasn’t an issue. The other thing I didn’t like is how far out of my dash the charger sticks, I didn’t get a picture because it got dark but it sticks out a good inch or two from the dash.
Overall this is a great product for those in need of parking tracking as well as a need for Qc quick charge 3.0. Price wise it’s a great investment.

Here are some pictures I took and even the location of my car…



Nice review! I do agree, this is a great value, especially if you can pick it up for the current discount price at $14.

Good job :ok_hand:
I’m sure we will see these sometime in 2019 :joy:

See what? These are curently available on Amazon now

Not over here buddy

Sorry I forgot where ya live. Maybe have someone send you one

Nice review. I was curious to how accurate it the parking tracker was. I read some reviews say it wasn’t.

I didn’t realize the battery monitor had a log. That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

I think it all depends on how your phone is set up to track your location. On Google phones we can change the settings and even enhance them as seen below, which I am not sure if Iphones offer the same settings or enhancements

After using this for over a week I can say that it still keeps and shows my initial color selection of green. Pairs right up without me having to do anything once I get in the car and start it.
Tracking seems to improve a bit since it usually tracks when I’m at work or home, and is never been off by more than a foot now. Initially it was less than 10 ft and now it’s down to less than a foot, not sure if it’s because of my high accuracy setting or its learning my routine.

Overall I would definitely still recommend this and have a few more ordered for christmas gifts.

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There’s a new update out, logged in and it gave a little red dot above the gear icon for settings and showed an update was available. Updated without issue, we’ll see what this update brings in my next commute to work in 2 hours…well will be longer after I get off work

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Just an update, I have not had any issues with this device since updating it. One thing I have found, that another member had asked for, is the pulsing or breathing effect of the lights, not sure if I did anything but mine does this automatically now since the firmware update. I actually find this rather soothing than a steady beaming light so it’s a nice added touch.

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