My ROAV F2 doesn't want to play Google Map or Waze direction but if spotify is on it work.

Hello everyone I had my ROAV for about 1 year and half now. I have the ROAV F2 with two USB port for charging. So when I play Spotify and press “Direction” on Waze or Google Maps I can hear the direction but the moment I shut down the Spotify app. The audio cut. I have no clue way it’s doing this.

maybe a bad unit

Do you think it’s not ROAV unit problem but software issue in Google Maps?

I think it’s a software issue but I don’t have the roav, so couldn’t tell for sure

@vassphil Please confirm if the Waze or Google Maps can navigate correctly without playing Spotify. If yes, it has something to do with Spotify.

They can navigate correctly yes.