My Review: PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

I tested this wireless charger with my iPhone X! ``

The charger works great with the original Apple silicone case!

What I find particularly good is that this stand has a great angle for viewing the display as well as for unlocking with FaceID!

The stand is on my desk!
He looks great too!

The LED at the bottom of the screen also indicates whether it is charging!

A great product!

I can not say anything about the loading speed! Have no comparison!

Sorry for my English


Thank you for your English expression.
Although the review is very concise, we can feel that you have a good experience on this product.:hugging:


well done!


Yes, I wanted to write my review in a timely manner! The next ones will be more exhaustive :slight_smile: and the translation into English is always a bit tricky!

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Never mind, we can fully understand!:grin:

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