My review: PowerPort Speed PD 5 Ports

@AnkerOfficial , First let’s start off that this is the first multi port charger that I have used from Anker. This thing is a beast when it comes to charging my devices. Having 4 ports that power IQ and a USB C port that supports PD, one cannot go wrong.

1.) 4 power IQ ports
2.) 1 USB-C PD port that outputs 30w
3.) Combined output of up to 60w across all combined ports
4.) 5’ power lead

1.) Permanent self adhesive sticker
2.) Casing is a little bulky
3.) Colored ports do not mean it’s USB 3.0 as with other devices

So I tested this device using my Samsung and Motorola phone. Charging times varied based on what the initial charge was, I saw anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and half with the samsung. The motorola has a turbo charge feature and the standard wall plug for that boast 26w output, now whether or not it’s claimed output is true I cannot prove because that charger broke within the first week of me owning it. Yay micro usb :expressionless: I used the Anker charger to charge up the Motorola moto X Pure and even my coworkers motorola moto Z which uses the usb c, Charging both phones enabled turbo charge mode on both and charged them from dead to 100% in about an hour, maybe less but I was working and didn’t check it until an hour had past.
I used this at work since we all listen to music at night and tend to browse or game while on our break and our batteries don’t last as long. Normally I use my powercore II 20k, but I brought this in to charge multiple devices and was glad I did. 4 of us were able to charge our phones while the one coworker was able to utilize the usb c port. All phones or accessories were charged without issues thanks to the power IQ and adjusting voltage according to each devices needs. Heat was not an issue also thanks to Ankers proprietary 11 point safety system that prevents overheating, overcharging among other things.

As to the cons I pointed out, I did not use the included 3m tape as I do not want to permanently mount this as it has become part of my travel bag. I wish it came with a way to mount or even hang it that wasn’t permanent, but I just attached rubber band around it and used a suction hook. I do wish it weighed a little less and the casing was smaller, but given that it is a 5 port plug I understand the bulk is needed with all the added technology. I was disappointed to find that the colored ports are not usb 3.0, but given the cost and whatever else is associated with that would just add to the price if the unit and I think it comes in at a fair price.

Overall I would recommend this to others, in fact 2 of my coworkers ordered similar from Anker although not this exact one. 1 coworker brought the dual port and the other brought the 4 port one. spreading the Anker love to coworkers


I typed this on my phone so I do apologize for the long ramble/format.

Nice review @elmo41683. I too, did not know that the colored ports are not USB 3.0. Does any of their multi chargers use USB 3.0? Hmmm.

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I wouldn’t of thought any of their chargers were USB 3.0
Isn’t that just for data transfer? These are just charging.

Fab review @elmo41683 I have the non PD version beside my bed :thumbsup:

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@Oggyboy The blue ports are notorious for signifying usb 3.0, that’s what a lot of computer manufacturers used so you could tell the difference between the ports. Hence why I thought the same.

Btw, here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come :wink:


I know they are blue on my laptop but I was just saying I wouldn’t have thought they were USB 3.0 on this or any of Anker’s chargers because they are for charging only.

Looks like you’ve got your hands full there fella :grin:

Is that all? LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like you’ll be busy for awhile.

@Nhi this was all ordered within the past week or two

Do you mean Powerport2 and Powerport4? I’m not aware of a dual-port PD.

Yes the standard dual port and 4 port non PD or usbc. Just regular usb port

We are gonna see a lot of reviews from you I think xD

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Yes yes, a handful of reviews hopefully

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So I did some testing with my wattameter to show what the power draw is using this powerport to charge my phone. I only have pictures of 1 device plugged in at the time of the pictures but the change in voltage and watts drawn was negligible from 1 device to 4. in That the volts and watts drawn changed very little

How long is the lead? :thinking:

Mine was 6 ft I think, it may have been shorter. I’m at work so can’t check right now

Anker usually ships with 5ft.

But it is a generic laptop type cord so you can replace with longer if you need.

search for IEC C7 power cords non-polarized ending with the plug for your local country, that is all Anker does differently for each country is ship with one of the 3 most popular cords (UK, US, Euro).

Don’t get polarized it wont fit

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Yup, I just measured it again and it’s 5ft. I could have sworn when I tested it i measured it to be 6 ft. Whoops, updated original post


Cheers folks