My review on the Powerline+II 6ft lightning

Hi I’m cordova and have been using the Powerline+II for about two weeks now.
Im gonna go over the cons and pros to this product and give a little bit of why i like it.

The package is very useful and the cable in it is normal compared to most anker products but what sets it apart from other companys cables, it has a carrying case. While some consider this unessecary i feel like its a good way to bring it with you without ruining the cables filament or exterior.
-Free carrying case
-very cheap for what your getting
-visually appealing and strong
-MFI certified.

But honestly there really isn’t. I have never had problems with charging speeds or tears in the cord thanks to the nylon brading. Its also cheaper than the stock iPhone cable which comes in at $19 usd while the powerline is only $17.97.
So it comes down to the point.
If you want a cheap cord while stile receiving the same or even more strength of a normal cable then its for you.


Nice review. I’m getting 5 micro usb cables this week that I won In a drawing. Can’t wait to try them out. Btw, I like the plottwist under the “cons” section :joy:

Thanks I love doing them and I have so many anker products so im gonna start doing 1 review a week :slight_smile:

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Great idea! Can’t wait to read them all!

Nice review…hope to see more popping up in the near future :thumbsup:

Nice review, like the carrying case and braided cable

The braided cable makes the price worth it :slight_smile:

Not all cable support over 1A current. A pull-up resistor in a cable can do wonders.

You still haven’t gotten yours yet? I thought I was the only one. Guess they will be here next week

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I’m still hoping for tommorow :joy:

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Haha yeah wish it was tomorrow but I’m gonna be disappointed if it’s not at my doorstep tomorrow so I’m just gonna say next week :joy:

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Nice review :ok_hand:

:joy: Great review!

Nice review…

Does Anker replace the Velcro strap that comes with the cable ? Mines has torn

I think we can’t provide the replace service.:head_bandage:

Awww​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: … @ AnkerTechnical Guess my only other option is to use those ties that come with trash bags or on loaves of bread

You always buy a third party brand of Velcro strap

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I’ve been waiting forever for this particular cable to drop in price or at least some kind of code for a discount. This cable is on my priority list of purchases. Once again things I don’t need but really want!