My review on the anker powercore fusion 10000

I have been using the fusion for around 4 days and I am already in love with it.
From the usb-c port to the usb-a its versatile and portable.
If you read reviews on amazon they say its a brick but I can confirm it isn’t much bigger than a powercore 13000 so its pretty reasonable sized for what its doing for you.

So some Pros to it are.
2.High Capacity
3.Usb-c Port

And some Cons
1.No charging the battery’s from an external source besides the wall
2.Limited things that you are able to charge at one time(no major deal though)

In my opinion the fusion 10k’s Pros really outweigh the Cons and i would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a reasonable priced and Outstanding performance battery pack.

If you have any questions just ask and il be sure to get back to you


Pics or it didn’t happen :wink:


Nice review… other than no pictures :grin:

Op, how many devices can you charge at once?


  • metered
  • photos
  • measured

It isn’t real just a post of we can glean from the selling site

pics always step up the review quality and lets us all stare at the anker beauty


Nice review

It is still not too late to add some pics to this review. Otherwise, nice review!:thumbsup:

This should be the standard reply when reviews come in without pics.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Can you update the review with pics of the charger. :slight_smile:

Nice review:) we all love pics…

Sorry I had no pics il upload a few now :slight_smile:

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There’s two ports but if you charge two phones at once it makes the power outage slower

It is real

Nice but would have loved some pictures

There was pictures about a half an hour ago. I think he’s having trouble uploading pics at the moment.

Curious what the speed difference is between plugged in and unplugged from the wall

That’s already stated, no change plugged vs unplugged

USB Output (when plugged into AC): 5V ⎓ 3A
USB Output (when not plugged into AC): 5V ⎓ 3A

Thank you, I didn’t see that.