My Review of eufy Lumos Smart Bulb 2.0 - Tunable White, Soft White to Daylight

I am really excited to share my thoughts with the world in general and Anker_Community in special, regarding my new Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb- Tunable white 2.0. It is the most efficient bulb in my study…with highest lumens of 800 and lowest estimate of energy cost per year of $1.08.

The most exciting feature is, its compatibility with Google Home Mini and a very intuitive and user-friendly EufyHome app… Best thing is the app can be downloaded on various devices and everyone in household has the admin-control of the bulb. It also works with amazon alexa and that excites me more because it would add more ease in the days to come.

I can schedule the morning turn on timing in the app and other schedules too. It was so tough for me to get up on an alarm, but I never thought there can other ways too to awake you & kickstart your day with a smile.

Truly Tunable----Yes it is… Dimmable LED Bulb. You would love it I believe… Just give it a try and see the difference… Soft White to Daylight, only 9W but 60W Equivalent.

No hub required to operate it as it’s compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant as aforementioned. Just join the same Wi-Fi network as of your alexa or google assistant and you are good to go. No dimmers or three way sockets required… It is fully voice controlled and abides by your commands like a friend…

You can access it from anywhere you are, either inside home or outside. You are not supposed to be on the same network to access the bulb. For the first time you need to synchronize it to your home WiFi, and then you are good to go. I use scheduled on/off feature and also away feature that is very helpful to simulate as if there is someone home when actually I am away…

Setting up the bulb is very easy and if you want to reset to factory settings turn on/off for 5 times and restart pairing to your Wifi. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Using the Google Home Mini device, sound commands do a lot with your bulb. Although google doesn’t understand my command how to set certain percentage of illumination ( :stuck_out_tongue: you can see this short video). Using the google home app, we can do a lot with this bulb. Using the EufyHome app we can do a lot more fun things. This app isn’t only for the bulb. It From cleaning your home to providing customized illumination, the EufyHome app gives you complete control—from your smartphone—of the small home appliances you use every day… There are different Effects we can choose from in the app… I need to feel relax, I can click on RELAX MODE. READ, FOCUS & NIGHT MODE are others to consider and enjoy with a different hue and brightness levels it creates the optimum and perfect ambient environment according to your mood and needs. We can add/change schedules and Favorite settings in the app for everyone at household. Just name it e.g. ‘Eufy’s fav light’; everytime you click on it, the settings would be adjusted to the preset for this favorite.

We can also group 2 bulbs to light up in harmony so that you don’t need to separately adjust or turn on/off all the bulbs in a portion of house. Eufy wants to put your life in harmony and synchronization.

Voice commands to Google Home Mini with some funny ones too…

In pictures, we can see the dimensions and shape comparison with TCP and Philips bulbs. I tried to showcase some aspects of the bulb and packaging but there are already enough photos on amazon listing and it is available for a reasonable price to buy. Click to Buy from Amazon.

What You Get: Lumos Smart Bulb - Tunable White (a19 shape, 2.36 x 2.36 x 4.2in and with 3.68 ounces is very light weight although it is a little more than the Philips bulb I already had), User Manual, Happy Card and our worry-free 18-month warranty.

Suggestion: There should be 5GHz WiFi network compatibility too. It is only compatible with 2.4GHz network. So if someone is having only 5GHz, Eufy smart bulb would disappoint them…

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Nice in-depth review


Nice review! You definitely tested this product :joy:. Pictures are very nice as well! Why did you ping yourself?

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…Oh really did I…nice observation though… Thanks for reading the review dear @Anjou1888

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Good review.
Interesting you mentioned the non compatibility with 5Ghz WIFI.


Nice review!


Great review and pictures. :thumbsup:


Good review & pictures @DrMajidHanif , thanks for sharing!

Wonder if the non dual band decision is down to keeping costs lower or due to 2.4Ghz being a wider standard…


Awesome in-depth review and photos :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:


Great review!

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nice review!