My review of Ankers newest waterproof pouches

I recently received the waterproof pouch for testing and evaluation.
Upon receiving this products, you can open it to find two pouches for a very nominal price of $9.99
These cases are IPX8-Rated and are meant for phones up to 6 inches. The cases come inside a silky feel plastic bag, you also get two lanyards that are individually wrapped as well.

These cases feature a black plastic brim that has two push through locking tabs. These tabs help secure the brim around a dedicated zip lock style seal on the bag, when you lock the tabs it pushes the seal together to further help create that waterproof seal. Make sure that when you use it the seal is able to fully close on itself otherwise you compromise it waterproof integrity.
The bag is large enough to hold my Motorola Moto X Pure Inside with a slightly large generic case on it. I was initially a bit worried about being able to close the case, but it turns out I was worried over nothing.
Now if you have a really thick case on a large phone you may have to take it off before using but that’s subjective.
Once my phone was secured inside I checked to make sure all functions still worked, and everything did work but there might be a slight delay due to the case and it’s thickness. The case itself feels rather thin, but has a very nice clear plastic that hopefully when in the sun will not yellow…I cannot test this yet as it’s currently snowing. But, the clarity allows for some awesome pictures and you would never know it was from inside the case.

Now, the lanyard is not attached because to me it gets in the way and is more of an as is needed use
The lanyard does feature an emergency break away, it did take a bit of force to separate the first time but after that it was easy to do…so I advise do not try to separate it unless in an emergency, you wouldn’t want it getting loose and then falling somewhere.

The case itself is very pliable, I brought it outside where it’s snowing to try and snap a few pictures. It was around 11 degrees farenheight and due to the plastic being thin, I was able to easily handle it, where as if it was thicker the cold would cause it to become stiff and unmanageable. I did drop the case and my phone into a big pile of slushy melting snow, took about 5 minutes to fish it out as it went straight to the bottom of the pile. There was no water ingress or any damage to the case and it held up quite well. I can forsee myself using this while kayaking in the spring and summer. Knowing how clear these are, I can finally manage to grab some decent photos without worrying about phone damage.

One thing I want to point out, which might have been an oversight is that if the black plastic clip gets damaged in any way the bag is useless. The two slide through locks can also easily come open if you open and close it a lot, as anything that’s plastic and tension lock it will wear with time, so I recommend to test with a peice of paper towel inside and submerge it for 5 minutes to make sure it still seals, clean the zip strip dry and you should be ready for your trip. I would also recommend to carry some waterproof tape, just in case the locks do become too lose you could wrap the black plastic strip once closed with the waterproof tape to help secure it. I have not had to do this yet, but it could be an issue further down the road

This was taken from the phone inside the case, sorry the ones u took during the snow have to be edited down in size before I can upload them.

Here us the Amazon link Anker Universal Waterproof Case, IPX8 Waterproof Phone Pouch Dry Bag for iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S7, Samsung Note Series, Google Pixel 2, up to 6 Inches—2 Pack


Photos? Picture paints 1000 words.

I did mention my phone died and pics will be coming as soon as its fully charged and warmed up

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Very thorough review. Looking forward to the pictures. :grin:

@AnkerOfficial just uploaded the pictures

Nice review :thumbsup:
Did you take any pics while it was in the bag? Looks decent though. Great for holiday and around the pool

the last photo was taken in the bag, the ones I took in the snow have to be edited for size…bedtime now so I’ll do that tomorrow

Good review and points for improvement made there @elmo41683 :thumbsup:

Sorry @elmo41683 what I meant was, what’s it like to use when in the bag? Can you take pics ok while it’s snuggled up in its stay dry haven?

Did you take any pics from the phone whilst in the bag? Just wondering if there is any glare from the bag.

Excellent review and good points made. :slight_smile:

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Great review @elmo41683, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


These look great. way nicer then other brands I have seen. I’ll have to pick some up before I hit the lake this summer.

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Excellent review as usual, @elmo41683! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing!

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@Oggyboy The last picture i posted above was from the phone inside the waterproof pouch, it’s nice and crisp without any glare or problems. I know I was gonna edit and post my snow pictures but i haven’t had time to edit them, I’ll try to get them posted tomorrow.

It’s rather easy to take pictures while the phone is inside the bag. Even in the cold the screen was just as responsive, although I imagine it would be harder to use the touch screen once it got too cold or the bag became stiff. But imo the bag is just the right thickness where it won’t get stiff or interfere with you using it.

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Arrrrr sorry buddy. I’ll def get some of these. Be great for camping etc too. Especially if it’s raining. Keep the phones nice and dry :thumbsup:

I live in a mercifully fairly dry part of the world, but when it is raining I keep the phone in a bag and use the waterproof smartphone and water resistance Anker buds. That works well as then you’re not having to reach into something with the rain running down your sleeve into the bag. These pouches (I hang my head in shame I paid for them :frowning: ) are when I must interact with the phone.

Camping the issue is also condensation and little puddles form inside the tent even when its not raining. You then also have accidental spills of drinks.


@elmo41683 so your gonna give me one right? And not hide all your anker products. Share the wealth pops

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Sorry fo adulting here folks…but Spike Get of the computer and do your school work.

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@elmo41683 LMAO!!! You tell him! :stuck_out_tongue: