My Review of Anker Powerline III cable

First, let me thank Anker for the opportunity to test this wonderful cable Powerline 3 USB-A to Lightning Cable.

As every other cable from Anker, it is nicely strapped and packed in a cute Blue & White box, with no other plastic waste used. Of course, you will see a Happy/Unhappy card.

Visual / Appearance

For the touch & feel, the cable is made of durable and good quality outer jacket. It is slightly thinner than Powerline 1 or 2 and the Braided cable.

The new textured non-slip grip design of the connector body on both ends will help to hold them better when plug/unplug the cable.Also, I hope it will not stain over the time and turn yellowish as the original Apple cable did within first year of usage.

image image

Withstand to Bending

image VSimage

Anker says this cable will last upto 25,000 times based on their internal testing results.

I don’t claim myself an expert at this feature and I’m not a material specialist and yes time will reveal the truth. But here is my version on this topic. I am not confident or comfortable bending PL3 as I am with the Braided cable. When I see the wrinkles and plasticity of the cable to retain the bend for some time even after releasing the force to bend, I feel like the PL3 may be less durable than the braided cable. May be these things have nothing to do with the life of cable.

Again, all these comments are based on one week experience. May be I should do a follow up review after 6 months.


Based on my usage over a week, Powerline 3 connectors are well made, it does the job of charging my phone and transferring data without any issues.

The new anti-slip grip is actually nice when you plug/unplug phone or the USB end. I always felt it was not easy to hold and disconnect my phone using the original Apple cable, but this Powerline 3 cable is awesome.


I liked it so far, it does the job and this Powerline 3 would be my last cable with lightning connector as it may live beyond my iPhones and iPad. I would definitely recommend this cable.

My Review on Amazon:

You can buy it from Amazon.CA or with these direct links


Great review and pictures! :clap:

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You write a lot about a simple cable.
The comparisons you made are very useful and your photos are excellent.
Thank you.
Well known members of “The Crew” write such of course! :wink:

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Excellent review with some great comparison shots…good job! :+1:

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Great review and photos!

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Nice review, nice photos and comparison! great job @Ice1 :clap:

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Great review dude!

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Cracking review on such a simple but awesome product :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

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Awesome job on the review, especially for a cable since there isn’t much you can say about it. I love the comparison pictures. Well done. :slight_smile:

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Great review and photos as always buddy. :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2:

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Thank you all for the nice words and glad you liked my review.

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Great review & photos! :ok_hand:

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