My quick personal review of the PowerCore II 20000

Anker has released new series of PowerBank namely PowerCore II. Going with the “2.0” is “PowerIQ 2.0” – a combination Power IQ and Qualcomm quick charge. Anker didn’t publish the version of the QC. I guess it
is QC3.0. The PowerBank is using high-density cells like other recent release so the footprint is quite small.

The design of the PowerBank follows the design cue of Anker lineup. If you bought something recently, the design look familiar. 3 ports: 2 outputs and 1 input. Anker flagged all 2 output IQ ports, one at 18W, one at 12W. Theoretically, it could charge 6-7 iPhones (with efficiency rate of 60-65%).

The PowerBank did good on various tests:

  • It could be charged with QC2-3 charges.
  • It charged my LG G5 normally and registered as fast charge. Meter said 9V and 1.4-1.6A.
  • The PowerBank can take input of 16-18W when using with a QC charger.
  • It charged other devices (iPad, Samsung) at max 5V, 1.8-2A.

Anker is normally selling their products at competitive prices for upper-end market. This one is like a new step with the PowerIQ 2.0. As Anker already has QC3 PowerBank before (and that QC3 port can also charge using PowerIQ), I guess Anker knew how to deal with QC fast charge by themselves instead of buying chip from Qualcomm. It could be the purpose of the PowerIQ 2.0, and hopefully the chip will be used in more devices and lower the prices.

Overall, I highly recommended this PowerBank.


I really like that Anker puts all the specs on the bottom of the power bank… input/output, etc. Good job on the review :slight_smile:

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Good job on the review, some good points made :thumbsup:

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I’ll go ahead and scrap my review since you posted yours, no need to create another thread. If your ok with it when I get off work I’ll add my take to this thread if that’s ok?


Great review. I also posted mine on Amazon as of this morning. I relayed the link in a new topic on the forum.


Great review :thumbsup:

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Nice review!

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Great review aided by a USB meter to measure actual.

The reason I have not bought any of these newer IQ2 Powercore is I don’t own any QC devices so it gives me no advantage over what I own now.

That could change if Anker released newer denser IQ2 output Powerport like Powerport2,4. Then I’d at least get recharge speed improvement. Currently all the QC output Powerport are worse in size weight cost.

At some point my larger devices will become USB-PD, then I need a refresh charger and battery.

IQ2 is not helping most users unfortunately now.


Sure, if you would like to, cheers

Only thing this is missing for me would be a usb-c input to charge all 20,000 mAh quicker. Other than that great product and great review.

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Well there is a powerbank that has usb-c input. But he’s reviewing this particular model not the one with that input so why would he?

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USB C is just an interface. A micro-usb input will just be fine for the purpose (18W input), it will be easier and cheaper for users.

From what I’ve heard usb-c is a much quicker charge. correct me if I’m wrong.

Anker designed it to be QC 2/3 compatible (at 18W). Putting a USB-C there wouldn’t make it charge quicker. The body can take certain amount, putting a “bigger mouth” wouldn’t help.

Ok that make sense

It can be, depends on the device. But not necessarily across the board. You have to literally research recharge times. In most cases with Anker the QC / IQ2 is faster recharge as its 18W, vs 10W and USB-C is anything from 10W to 100W. So a big fat “it depends”.

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There should be PowerCore+ II with USB-C input and output soon. 20000 is reportedly 45W and 10000 30W.

You must be a magician, peeking into Anker future product plan. cheers

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Good reviews on the PCII 20k

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Nah, just a Google addict I think :laughing:

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