My Premium Double-Braided Nylon USB-C to USB-A review

First I recieved this item from the power user program, this is my unbiased review.

Upon receiving the package, it’s much smaller than I was expecting. Inside this box is two 3’ cables and the infamous Happy/ not Happy card.

Upon opening and inspecting the cable I see that it is thicker than my standard Samsung Galaxy S9+ cable, but it’s not as thick as my USB-C cable.

The build quality is top notch on the Anker cable, it features double braided nylon sheathing, aluminum ends, gold plated pins inside each end.

This cable has a 56k ohm resistor that allows for fast charging. Using my QC plug that came with my powerwave stand I got this for charge speed, which is slightly slower than my USB-C PD%

Now, this cable still underperforms when placed in a Power IQ socket as seen below.

My Initial impression was that the cable would be too thick and hard to manage, but after using it for a while now the cable is a perfect replacement for my Samsung cable. The cable holds its shape for the most part, but can easily be managed and the shape changed. Since the cable is thicker, but not crazy thick and coupled with the double braided nylon covering it can take some abuse. While I know I can easily break most cables, I could not break this just by pulling on both ends. I also bent and flexed the ends while p.k pulling and yanking on the cable and it has held up with no issues.

My only long term concern with these cables is that me yanking on them may have caused some damage, but so far testing with m th chargers and my Drok meter everything has been spot on.

So if your look g for some USB-C cables I would highly recommend this. And I hope that eventually we will see USB-C to C cables in the double braid configuration.


Thanks for the testing

Great review! With the PowerUser program, do you always recieve products in the offline packaging? I just noticed that, and was wondering if that was just a one-time thing.

Not sure what you mean by offline packaging, but I have brought brought cables before from Amazon that have also came in a similar box when the cables didn’t come with a case.

How did they fit 2 cars in there? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: All kidding aside, good job with the review :slight_smile:

Haha good eye, I fixed it now. Thanks.

Good review, thanks!

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I think he was referring to how Anker’s packaging is different in store vs online for certain products.

Add some durability tests like jamming it between a closed door. That’s what braided is all about?


great review, well done!! :ok_hand:

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Sorry for confusion. I just came across an older post that mentioned offline packaging (Look what I came across at Brookstone today) and wasn’t sure, because your box did look different than their normal basic blue and white ones.

A quick update, both of my cables experienced separation of the nylon braid from the end. 1 cable finally stopped working as the end started to separate from the USB-C plug. Thankfully someone at Anker was in a good mood and sent me another package to replace these 2 faulty ones.